Dongguan fu sen: dongguan should remember this day

by:DIgao     2020-06-17
, just, dongguan caused air defense warning, did you hear that? Today: : dongguan city sound the alarm for the air defense, in recent years, a year month day, dongguan hold trial air defense warning activities, (date) (month) (year), guan city was occupied by the Japanese, it is classified as dongguan 'fall day', select trial air defense warning activities are held on this day in order to strengthen the consciousness of the dongguan citizens' awareness of the importance of national defense and combat readiness and further test the city air defense warning facilities performance at the same time, is also a mark of dongguan fall day, reminding the dongguan people do not forget national humiliation! In history, many things will be forgotten, but we must recognize and remember this history! We share the achievements of peace and development at the same time must not forget in this peaceful land buried under th advance wave upon wave for today's dongguan! As dongguan people remember the history also is taken for granted, but in my heart, remember the most is rich in dongguan, has just started, and it was really tough, one step at a time, a lot of frustration waiting for us, but also good, we survived, thanks not only to stick to yourself, these days also thank you for supporting our friends and customers, thanks! Dongguan people experienced years of Anti-Japanese War, (date) (month) (year) on behalf of the American 'Missouri in Tokyo bay, Japan, on the battleship sign of surrender. So far, China's Anti-Japanese War and the end of the world's anti-fascism war. According to incomplete statistics, during the Anti-Japanese War, the dongguan population casualties, property loss more than ten thousand yuan ( Fiat, according to the currency conversion) 。 Dongguan people to victory of the war of resistance against Japan, for heroism, fear no sacrifice, emerged a large number of heroes and martyrs. After the founding of new China, was awarded the title of 'revolutionary martyr' by the civil affairs department of guangdong province dongguan anti-japanese martyrs have many people. They always worth dongguan people's memory. Let us remember the history, always remember in heart!
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