Dongguan fu sen: doing metal coat hooks at the same time to be grateful

by:DIgao     2020-06-15
Facing the invisible god, every second, every step has been the risk of fire burn us, movie 'fire hero' let more people understand the firemen this career. The date of release, it has more than hundred million. Senior researchers have said, don't just put the fire hero as an entertainment movie, 'I hope you see the movie forget us actor, remember that firefighters'. 'Fire hero' by the real events the film adaptation of the cry a lot of fans, the film adapted from Bauer, wilderness fires documentary long reportage the deepest water is the tears. Story prototype is known as 'fire history of a miracle of the world', dalian, China. Xingang oil depot explosion fire. Accident happened in the year, at that time, a pipeline explosion, ignited thousands of cubic meters of oil tank, instantly fires raging. In the movie, the fire and the burning fire, almost throughout the whole movie, threatening the fire officers and soldiers in addition to the pervasive is the flow of burning fire. Also, from time to time there will be time and time again the explosion occurred. The commander of a 'you are too don't understand a fireman! ', also let a person can't help tears. Although the film, evaluation of mixed reviews. Not afraid of life and death, but to see the firefighters to see at the moment they are desperate to fire, still in tears. Can let more people understand and remember these ordinary hero, is a glorious! Learn to Thanksgiving firefighters is people, not god, what the years static good, somebody just carry something for you, firefighters are not afraid of sacrifice, they are afraid of is that people don't know what they are doing. When people's danger, they will never move forward, even if it cost his blood and life. This group of ordinary people, doing the great things. Metal clothes hook, of course, we do not compete with firefighters, but to do every thing has its own responsibility, responsible for yourself, responsible for the product, responsible for the customer, we do metal coat hooks have been around for ages, with annual production of metal clothes hook experience, want to let others know, why we do find metal clothes hook, is of good quality, good or service, etc. , in short we are a good team, product quality is really good, want to let customers buy at ease, rest assured! Thank you very much for the trust of the customer, we will do better, thanks! Finally, the salute to the group of the most handsome NiXingZhe, thank you as we go on! ( This article from dongguan fu sen metal products co. , LTD. )
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