Dongguan fu sen: do your best responsibility to do everything

by:DIgao     2020-06-17
【 # # response guilin aviation passenger into the cockpit to the pilot-in-command lifelong grounded punishment 】 Guilin airlines after 'a passenger into the cockpit' issued a statement to the captain to give punishment grounded for the rest of my life, for the other crew members involved with indefinite grounded and accept the further investigation of the company. On weibo, according to the fact has nothing to do with a female passenger into the cockpit photos, and drying to online. With screenshots show that a girl sit on the left side of the aircraft cockpits, than 'V' sign to the camera. This happened on guilin aviation GT yangzhou flight. Captain in violation of the civil aviation rules and let the irrelevant personnel to enter the cockpit, to the pilot was grounded for life. This is a very reasonable penalty, aviation is not a matter of work, this is the job of the GuanFu lives, one is not appropriate behavior, consequences, since this industry, must be responsible for the lives of others, responsibility for all your life, take everything seriously. We dongguan fu sen metal clothes hook, the industry did not know air so great, but each have each use, metal coat hooks we use is also very much, used to hang hang spoons, hospital kitchen condole brine, etc. , obviously, to the hospital, our products as well as the guarantee for GuanFu others life, so we always attentively complete each link, for others to buy the rest assured, use at ease. Last hope aviation won't happen such a mistake, let every airline work the smooth, smooth sailing!
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