Domestic regional modified metal clothes

by:DIgao     2020-06-18
Modified metal clothes hook is a kind of can reach the strength performance of some steel products, have qualitative light, color is rich, the advantages of easy molding and a series of new type metal coat hooks. Modified metal coat hooks industry developing rapidly in China in recent years, the annual yield, apparent consumption growth reached %, %. Champ consulting released the annual survey of modified metal clothing industry in China and market forecast report shows that at present, our country modified metal coat hooks industry area of concentration is higher, but showed a trend of gradually dispersed. From the modified metal clothes gross value of industrial output, sales revenue and the modification of the production and sale of metal clothes are mainly concentrated in the east China area and south China, central China and southwest of gross industrial output value and sales revenue accounted for all showed a trend of increase year by year. The regional distribution characteristics of modified metal clothing industry is made up of its downstream industry concentration and regional distribution characteristics of the decision. Metal clothes industry downstream areas mainly for the automotive, home appliances, construction, packaging, light industry and other industries. With auto and home appliance is the main application fields of modified metal clothes, consumption proportion is as high as more than %. Due to the downstream such as household appliances, automobile manufacturing enterprises has obvious regional characteristic, affected by the domestic modification of the production and sale of metal coat hooks are mainly distributed in Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta region. How to break the modified metal clothes production of regional restrictions, become a big problem at present the development of the industry.
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