Do you know the design concept of cable tie

by:DIgao     2020-06-16
Cable tie as the precursor of the cable tie, it is a kind of is a kind of into countless times to take off the change and evolution of the product, so the continuation of cable tie must be a good reason. Cable tie after decades of experience, still strong survived in the market, it 'cable tie' tripartite confrontation with its children above the stage in the binding goods market, and keep the focus on pressure cable tie, robbing the whole market. One, the product performance for the cable tie a elements design principle of the first principle, is the reference of this principle, thus design produce cable ties to have such excellent performance. In the design, we will be in accordance with the principle of selecting the superior quality of products and raw materials, metal clothes to the product design reasonable institution is rigorous, everywhere equilibrium, thickness is consistent, easy molding. Second, qualified special mould is the new cable tie must be cable tie production tools is mold, so the mold the stand or fall of quality determines the cable tie. In addition, because is the new design of the new cable tie, so switch to the mould quality demands not only qualified but also has the certain grinding force. But, no matter what one doesn't even have qualified mould, it is absolutely cannot produce qualified fine nylon cable tie. Three, understand all kinds of raw material for cable tie is raw materials of all kinds of metal clothes, so when the design must be clear of metal clothing performance and their conflict, and only by doing so, can know in the follow-up work after optimization and improvement.
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