Did HUD really need to spend $31,000 of taxpayer money on that dining furniture for Ben Carson?

by:DIgao     2020-08-09
Let\'s say you\'re an official of the Trump administration and have old restaurant furniture in your Washington, D. C. C.
Executive Suite. What do you do?
In the case of Ben Carson, president\'s cabinet secretary, who led the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, his staff announced that about 1967 sets of tableware were out of repair and chairs on custom hardwood tables, there is also a place to place.
Unless Congress approves more, federal law limits spending on redecorating or renovating to $5,000.
However, the whistleblower, Helen Foster, filed a complaint.
A senior official repeatedly told Foster to \"find money\" to buy, the HUD civil service said.
MORE: Ben Carson\'s HUD spent $31,000 on dining room furniture to pay for the complaint that Carson\'s wife, Candi, wanted to help redecorate the office suite.
The complaint says Foster was demoted in retaliation after asking questions about work and other housing and urban development department expenditures.
The allegations made Carson the latest member of Trump\'s cabinet to face spending problems.
HUD declined to comment on Foster\'s complaint.
Rafael Williams, director of communications at the Housing Authority, said in an email on Thursday that HUD was \"working to cancel the order for the restaurant package\" at Carson\'s request \".
Williams confirmed on Friday that the contract had been canceled.
Citizens in Washington, a government regulator, are responsible for Responsibility and Ethics and ask HUD Inspector General Helen Abbott to investigate Foster\'s allegations.
Can Carson and HUD find better deals for American taxpayers by shopping around?
Although a spokeswoman for the furniture trade industry said that the cost of the controversial table may actually be reasonable, USA Today\'s online comparison shopping discovery --pricey options.
At the higher end, the website of Raymour & Flangan lists a 98-inch, cherry-
Colorful table with double base for $3,379.
The company also sells matching armchairs for $759. 95 each. A 92-inch-
China\'s top cabinet, which costs $5,869, will complete the plan.
According to the furniture company\'s website, price tags for tables, eight chairs and cooks, no taxes or delivery fees, totaling $15,329, or less than half the HUD restaurant in Carson.
Or is it too expensive?
Carson and HUD may have found a more affordable option from the American signature company, a furniture company with stores in all 17 states.
The company\'s website features charcoal
Colorful dining table with two bases and side chairs with soft cushions.
The company\'s website shows that the price of tables and eight chairs, except for buffets and tch, is about $2,708, with no taxes or delivery fees.
This total amount may be in line with the federal government\'s spending restrictions.
If the restaurant is made of solid wood or handmade, the $31,500 HUD fee is reasonable
Jackie Hirschhaut, a spokesman for the American home furniture Alliance, said the alliance is a trade organization in the residential furniture industry.
Hirschhaut said: \"Consumers may be angry at the concept of spending $31,500, but the furniture will last 50-
Combined with years of daily use, it is sturdy and durable.
Still, at least one decoration expert suggested that HUD wouldn\'t have to spend that much.
Charles Clemson of Washington, D. C. C. -
His first suggestion, he said, was to explore and complete the existing HUD restaurant.
\"A smart refinery can really change things, and a good decorator can,\" he said . \".
But Krewson says it can be difficult to salvage in some cases.
\"Usually, in this case, the rich are actually paying for themselves, and that\'s what happened to me in the past,\" he said . \".
\"A person like an honorary ambassador who usually picks up a lot of labels and just improves things.
\"Carson is not the first person Trump has appointed to raise issues with spending.
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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin asked the United StatesS.
According to ABC News, the US air force plane flew him and his new wife, Louise Linton, to France, Italy and Scotland for a 2017-degree honeymoon.
Mnuchin later considered the request unnecessary because he could arrange secure communications during the trip without military aircraft.
In addition, the Treasury\'s inspector general\'s office said it would review Mnuchin\'s trip to the United States with his wife. S.
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Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin improperly accepted Wimbledon Open tickets and tickets for his wife on a trip to Europe last summer, costing more than $122,000, and the Virginia attorney general reported ending February.
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