devising a strategy keyed to locks.

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For years, companies have relied on locks to protect assets without fully understanding the differences between various positioning devices.
In many cases, criminals know the lock-in system better than their opponents.
The advantages and disadvantages of unlocking can help the security management personnel to protect the personnel and property of any facility.
The actual locking part of the device is the same, whether it is in the padlock or in the installed lock.
In order to determine the alock type, the key way must be checked.
Four types of locks: locks; disk or wafer; pin tumbler; and lever.
Most commercial-grade locking devices are pin tumbler locks of various configurations.
The lock is just a delayed device that only provides a delay in access to the asset.
The time delay established for the lock is zero seconds.
The disk or wafer lock takes three minutes to pick, the pin tumbler takes ten minutes, and the lever lock can be damaged within 30 minutes.
Each special pin can open the lock with extra internal pins such as the Super Pin tumbler within 30 minutes.
These time estimates, however, assume that the offender does not have a key.
Due to the lack of key control in some companies, it is often not difficult to obtain a lock key.
In less than five seconds, you can leave the impression of akey.
A good locksmith can sometimes simply look at a key to determine the depth of the key cut, and then he can copy a key. Vulnerability.
Most people who move into a new home or office have never thought about reorganizing the lock, but now they know who has the key.
At least 85% of the houses reorganized by the author for friends include home sales.
This means that, in addition to the single key of the lock, most of the families in the sub-lock
May be the key of the same Master Key System.
If a thief gets the master key, he will decorate the nearby house.
In most businesses, the master key allows senior managers to open many doors without carrying many keys.
The Master Key also allows security, maintenance, and other same access.
When a lock system is the master key, one often overlooked fact is that fifteen to twenty different keys open a separate lock.
The main key adds a pin that allows many keys to open the same lock.
These main sales significantly increase security risks.
Most locks are installed by carpenters, not locksmiths.
Their main concern is that the door is working properly and looks good.
But even the mostattractive door can be a security risk.
A gap allows the thief to open the latch with a credit card or similar device.
This is the case with a Fortune 500 company where a security assessor conducted an assessment at the request of the risk manager and identified many such problems.
The security assessment covers the property and Satellite Room of the entire building.
The operation of one of the satellite computer rooms is considered critical.
Business disruptions in that place are extremely expensive.
During the 12 months prior to the study, two interruptions were experienced.
The only physical safety controls in these three computer rooms are key locks on sliding glass doors that are still unlocked.
A solid lock with a combination of five buttons is also installed, but there is no effort to prevent onlookers from observing the combination of inputs.
The property room is controlled by a one-card system, but a set of doors from the computer room to the freight elevator lobby are not equipped with any locking devices.
The freight lift and lobby are considered to be entry points with control and therefore do not need to lock the door.
The building manager controls the elevator, which is often put into operation after verbal requests from the elevator to the building control center.
The telecom and electrical closets were checked on each floor of the computer room.
The building management suggested that two master keys were required to enter these rooms.
After checking several doors leading to 90
Four closets, it is clear that a master key is unnecessary.
In the space between the door and the door frame, a paper clip can be inserted behind the pin, pushing it back and opening the door.
Scratches on Latchbolts indicate that there are already 70
Five closets like this.
The entrance of the living room controlled by the cardkey system can also be entered with the same paper clip.
Apparently, maintenance personnel and telephone maintenance personnel have been opening the door this way for many years.
The first two systems out-
When the maintenance personnel put a ladder in the closet and the ladder hit a communication device, it will grow old.
You can enter with a knife.
The lock can be opened this way, because there is a gap between the door and the lock during installation.
When the lock is installed, the bolt is designed to enter the hole when the door hits.
The regular pin has a small half-circle rod on the plane, which is a pin Cam.
When it is crushed by the impact plate, it prevents the bolt from being moved backwards.
If the door is not hanging well, the gap between the door and the door frame is too large, open the door with a knife or credit card.
To prevent this particular problem, a lock shield should be installed on each wall closet door.
The lock guard is a metal plate attached to the door, extending to the opening between the door and the wall.
This simple program denies access to the lock bolt.
In another case, a risk manager focusing on the inventory of goods in the main distribution center conducted a vulnerability assessment designed to address and eliminate access issues.
In the first center, the intrusion detection system (IDS)
The current occupants were in place before they moved into the building.
Unfortunately, more than 95% of the locations inside the warehouse are not protected by IDS.
Passive Infrared (PIR)
Sensors along one wall are basically useful as the boxes pile up in front of them and the contact switch of the sensor has been removed.
The security guard on duty said there was no key to the door to the roof.
He suggested consulting the manager of the distribution center.
The inspection of the door shows that there are any locking devices on the door.
Once on the roof, access to the warehouse is possible through any of the more than 40 skylights.
When checking oneskylight carefully, the two pins that close it are removed and the hinge sunroof is easy to open.
The opening of about 6 feet or less is a computer and a high-placed carton. tech equipment.
Another warehouse operation is new.
At least one contract security officer was in-
At least four officers were present during the first and second shifts.
An extensive IDS has been installed, and in most cases each perimeter door is within the protection provided by two IDS devices, however, four doors can be opened with a knife from the outside.
In addition to one case, access to the facility can result in analarm activation.
The tape is placed on a fully functional door contact indicating tampering.
In their twenties
For four hours, officials have never noticed a change to contactswitch.
Unauthorized persons can enter the facility in less than 20 seconds, and the PIR sensor outside the door is positioned to allow access to the warehouse.
Another door that can be opened with a knife is monitored by a security officer;
However, when the member of the assessment team opened the warehouse with a knife and entered the warehouse through that door, the officer looked surprised but said nothing. Solutions.
Security professionals can take steps to ensure the integrity of the lock system.
During the physical security check, the following issues should be addressed: * vulnerability that may result due to lack of appropriate policies and procedures * key control, locking hardware defects, or security officer policy * The number of existing key control procedures, large master keys, who issued these keys * The number of child master keys and systems and who used them * The number of individual locks being used, and who has been issued a complete list of all these keys make sure that each key is signed by the individual who owns it.
Where a vulnerability is found, appropriate corrective action should be taken.
If the control over key issuance is not sufficient, security should establish a program to restructure or replace an existing lock.
In order to reduce the overall time and cost, this is usually the best done in a planned order.
Security managers know that they need to check potential bugs on a regular basis to determine what they are and what needs to be done to correct them.
By doing a comprehensive job knowledge of critical equipment, this will allow security practitioners to make the most of the locking technology. George E.
CPP Ronne is assistant vice president and senior consultant of St Marsh & McLennan protection consultancyLouis,Missouri.
He is a member of the Standing Committee on computer security.
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