decorative door stops

by:DIgao     2020-05-29
What are you looking for to stop your door from hitting the wall?
Learn more about decorating the door blocks that gracefully serve you.
To put it simply, the door block or the door frame prevents the door from moving.
We understand this literally and use heavy objects to block the impact of the door.
When our door is so beautiful, why put things in front of it and destroy its beauty?
Instead, we can use decorative door blocks to make the door more attractive.
The gate station also created a statement of their beautiful craft style.
They also add grade and elegance to your interior decoration.
The door is the same as the door frame.
They not only prevent our walls from being destroyed by the impact of the door, but also prevent our fingers from getting stuck between the door and the door hinge.
Traditional door blocks are made of wood and stone, but now we have contemporary door blocks and door frames made of wood, marble, glass and cast iron, either embossed or hand-painted.
There are various shapes and designs to choose from.
Animals like cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens and bears are designed with decorative door blocks.
You can also stop in other designs such as whales, ducks and farm animals.
Jack Russell is one of the most popular and popular door blocks.
You can buy these animal door blocks and stick them on the door of your child\'s room.
Kids may also like the design of their favorite superhero or cartoon characters.
The animal door block can also be made of smooth and soft cloth and looks like a soft toy.
You can also park these doors at home.
Different gate stations are made of waxed cotton, leather and many more
Colorful fabrics of various shapes such as fruits, toys, books, fairy tale characters, soldiers and trees.
Door type stop wooden door stop rubber door stop brass door stop Cube door stop rabbit door stop turtle door stop cock door stop Bulldog door stop Pu door stop Wooman door stop is a simple in city area rural or upscale homes, iron Gate stop to add both.
They are very heavy but exquisite.
Since they are decorative and have a wide variety of designs, these door stops can also be used as garden decorations.
These animals have a variety of animal designs, such as cats, dogs, Cocks, Sea
Horses, as well as many other common and uncommon animals.
One feature of cast iron is not fading.
Cast iron is strong and durable and never outdated, so it is welcomed by people.
You can also choose a copper door wedge.
These wedges slide between the door and the floor to prevent the door from moving.
There are also a variety of designs for copper door wedges, such as animals, characters in movies, flowers, Globes, etc.
Whimsical decorative doors stop to decorate your bedroom for a very elegant look.
There are a variety of designs for these gate stations, such as the Lion figure, the troll monkey fist, the gold bar and so on.
You can also choose the door block of the various symbols or pattern designs that match the home decoration.
If you decorate your living room with antique furniture, antique doors look very elegant.
These gates have their own classes.
There are many unused items in the home that you sometimes buy out of impulse and later don\'t know what to do with them.
You can\'t throw them because you spent a lot of money on them.
There is little extra cost to use these items to make your own door stop.
Here are some ideas for stopping the door at home.
Paint an old metal ornament in an acrylic color that matches your furniture.
With the remaining cloth and sand or pebbles, you can make a stylish cloth Gate Station.
Cut the fabric and sew it with any design such as cats, dogs, pillows, bags, etc.
Remember to add a handle and a zipper on the lower side of the design.
Sew Your door up.
Fill a bag with sand or gravel, place the bag in the door block and zip it up.
The amount of sand required will depend on how many of your doors are.
Fill up the discarded medium-
Box with sand size, color it with attractive colors that match your wall paint.
Take a bag full of marble or sand.
For easy operation, sew it a handle.
Wrap this bag with colored paper or colored cloth.
Choose any of the given decorative door stops or make one for your room to complement your unique home decor.
In addition to not allowing doors to close or damage the walls and furniture behind you, the doors stop working and stop the gorgeous decor.
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