Cupboard handles science microlite?

by:DIgao     2020-07-14
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cupboard handles science microlite is a new type of decorative building materials, including composite microlite called glass-ceramic composite plate, is a layer 3 & ndash; 5 mm of microcrystalline glass compound on the surface of the ceramic glass, after the second sintering fully integrated high-tech products.

in the former Soviet union since the 1960 s invented the calender of glass-ceramics prepared and later Japanese invention with sintering, the preparation of microcrystalline glass building decoration materials, the material is for its high-grade decorative artistic quality, excellent mechanical properties, chemical corrosion resistance, The climate of weathering resistance) Universality, raw material sources and low economic cost gradually entered the high-grade building materials market.
the shake handshandle is ambry science microlite is introduced.
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