Cupboard handles science ark how to install?

by:DIgao     2020-07-29
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ambry ark that shake handshandle installs the steps to control drawings to determine the installation position, if you have a single a few ark together, ask customer room number first, corresponding to the room number will board a classification piled up.
control listing inventory hardware, cabinet put oneself in another's position whether a number of packages and packing detail on the number of packages, and then check bad crack on glass, door, door plank is scratched, report immediately if any abnormal situation.
unpacking: first, all the side panels, roof and floor, solid layer of packaging, to check whether there is a panel is scratching, spreads out the wrapping paper on the ground in case to board a scratching, then good colloidal particles, connecting screw, roof and floor for cork, pie, in accordance with the order and gently placed against the wall, all redundant wrapping paper folded in the appropriate place.

this is cupboard handles science steps how to install wall ark.
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