Cupboard handle the characteristics of science popularization electronic wine?

by:DIgao     2020-07-30
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cupboard handles science electronic wine refrigeration fast: is the feature of the compressor refrigeration speed faster, cooling time is shorter, again about electronic refrigeration compressor refrigeration time - 20% of the time 30%.

the refrigeration effect is good, the lowest temperature can be 5 ℃; Wide temperature range, generally between 5 ~ 22 ℃, and semiconductor refrigeration is usually 10 ~ 18 ℃. Compressor wine is influenced by the environment temperature is small, even the temperature is still in high temperature environment can wine can reach the ideal wine storage temperature, and semiconductor wine only 6 ~ 8 ℃ lower than the environment temperature.
stable performance: the compressor refrigeration technology, mature technology, stable performance, it is not easy to out of order.
the characteristics of the shake handshandle of science popularization electronic wine is ambry is introduced.
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