Cupboard handle style how to choose?

by:DIgao     2020-07-17
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in ambry shake handshandle of choose and buy when there are three note:
the first point, quality. Quality is the key, when the choose and buy, the first appearance is flawed, and play and touch is rough, need surface smooth shake handshandle of ambry of choose and buy, otherwise it not good.
the second point, materials, good materials can prolong the life of shake handshandle, because ambry shake handshandle is often want to use, so want to choose good quality. General handle is metal material, commonly used have crystal materials, metal materials, etc. Because cabinets are placed in the damp environment, such as the kitchen and the kitchen was a relatively rich environment, so the piece of wood, plastic is an unfit cupboard handles, after long time use, handle, easy to deformation, stick hand.
the third point, coordination, at the time of home design to consider the unity of handle and cabinet as a whole, or abrupt plus the shake handshandle of ambry of a mismatch is very ugly. For example, solid wood cabinet is suitable for the style of antique bronze metal shake handshandle, with hollow out design is better, as a whole has a sense of restoring ancient ways; Decorate a design of rural wind are generally choose white cabinets, cabinet handle also had better choose the white cabinet handle at this time, or metallic cabinet shake handshandle. Now, of course, there is a hidden handle design, it is a kind of will shake handshandle embedded design, from the appearance more beautiful, from safety, hit the child is not easy to handle.
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