Cupboard handle science about how to choose cabinet?

by:DIgao     2020-07-14

ambry occupied 'half' of the kitchen, is an important base of solving the three meals a day. On the market at present ambry price range from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of ten yuan, material is multifarious also, how does one pick up the ambry of a fitting? Below for you step by step and anatomy of ambry, as long as spend 5 minutes of your time, you can easily select products suitable for your cabinets. The market at present common mesa material basically has 3 kinds: natural stone, artificial stone, quartz, natural stone hard, and anti-scrape wear-resisting, but easy to crack, and radiation; Man-made stone is divided into compound acrylic and pure acrylic, color is various, good gloss, it can realize seamless splicing, defect is not heat-resisting wear-resisting; Quartz surface is hard wear-resisting, high temperature resistance, but the disadvantage is that the corner will be a seam. Hardware accessories is decided cabinet is an important part of the overall cost.
hardware fittings are divided into two types of functional and decorative hardware:
decorative hardware including furniture handles, aluminum alloy frame, ambry of skirting board decorative effect, such as parts.
functional hardware such as hinge, drawer, cabinet pull basket functional parts, because of the limitation of domestic technology level of domestic functional hardware, there is still a gap compared with the European imports, price difference is very big also, of course.
1, choose cabinet to consider value feelings can not blindly pursue cheap
2, ambry environmental protection or not depends mostly certification '' ten ring:
the panel thickness.
see hardware accessories!
the foot!
whether sealing strip closed sealed ( Closed sealed formaldehyde does not release, soot, dust, insects, just not allowed to enter) !
q type back are single or double seal! ( Double seal more moisture, and out of shape not easily)
q can provide test report!
to ask how long the warranty period!
ask what is the price quoted configuration! 吗? 吗? 吗? 吗?
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