Cupboard handle material and nylon

by:DIgao     2020-07-28
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today, look at the hardware handle material found and nylon.
let's have a look at the introduction of nylon.
the emergence of nylon textile appearance to look brand-new, its synthesis is a major breakthrough in synthetic fiber industry, is also a very important milestone in polymer chemistry.

nylon, polyamide commonly known as the density of 1. 15 g/cm3, which is on the main chain molecules containing repeated amide groups & ndash; ( NHCO] — The thermoplastic resin, including aliphatic PA, fat & ndash; Aromatic PA PA and aromatic compounds. Including aliphatic PA variety, large output, wide application, its name by the synthesis of monomer on the specific number of carbon atoms in the
this is cabinet handle the introduction of nylon material.
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