Cupboard handle loose?

by:DIgao     2020-07-21
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don't hide in the ambry of shake handshandle shake handshandle that gives a person the feeling of the shake handshandle of intuitive, can let a person recognized at a glance, the shake handshandle is generally above the door plank, punching and then screwed live because people use different efforts to open the door closed, may lead to handle loose, slowly shake handshandle loose when we should use a screwdriver to intensify, if does not handle after a long time will fall off, then you may get lost screws to don't.

the shake handshandle is normally two screws, are generally will drop a screw, if fell a screw you still continue to use, so the edge of the handle will make ambry door plank cuts, door plank of the lacquer that bake is the most afraid of scratches, so try to avoid this kind of circumstance happening, once loose stepped up as far as possible, fell on can see screw about twist, remember that don't use energetically, when screw screw holes to prevent shake handshandle grain damage causes the shake handshandle of unusable.
so that you can solve the problem of ambry handle loose.
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