Cupboard handle how tie-in bright lattice ark?

by:DIgao     2020-07-23
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let's have a look at the introduction of ambry ark of shake handshandle of bright lattice
light, means no doors of interlayer; Ark is refers to the door of isolation layer, the layer with a bright, clothes closet, a general designation & other Bright lattice cabinet & throughout; 。 Bright ark is the combination of case with ark, lower split two doors, doors copper decorations. The top of the cupboard door paperback drawer is two people, again for two layer frame. On the back panel, two mountains and positive void. Some in the two mountains and positive with a very short fences, or on the left and right sides and along with a jug of door type tooth plate. Average room or study for this kind of furniture. Light, often have coupons mouth opposite sides-to hold and rail plate for decoration, bright type furniture is a kind of typical model.

we can according to the introduction can choose oneself to like the ambry of shake handshandle
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