Copper padlock has the very good collection value

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
In recent years, the old collectors collection gradually become a miscellaneous collection of alternative, old brass lock technology is unique, modelling is chic, suitable for play, and enrich the history of the technology of dozen copper metallurgy industry of our country. Also is the practicability of collectors make it has a certain number, introductory collection is relatively simple, but it is not easy to play fine. Collect collectors to look for the lock away making grain, old collectors are hand to play, making which is caused by irregular texture is more noticeable, and a fake general chemical etching method is applied to make grain, lack of AoTuGan fingered, grain is not natural. Locks development in our country has a long history, the han dynasty began to have metal locks, use more far away. when tang and song dynasty, to Ming and qing dynasties collectors became the mainstream. The use of copper padlock has exquisite, such as some thousand layer lock emphasis is practical, locks the decorative pattern of sculpture is not complicated, but solid and durable. And has a certain meaning of locks, such as children with ferro ShouXi locks, lock girls dowry, cosmetic boxes, with signs in the lock, etc. , this kind of lock intricately carved, artistry more practical, more collectable. Moreover, collectors' shaping, and manual forging process is becoming more and more mature, in the late locks the decorative pattern of increasingly complex of beautiful, modelling is more chic, a lot of decorative pattern also recorded at that time, local customs, very worthy of collection.
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