conquering the \'ewww\' factor of the public potty

by:DIgao     2020-08-06
Atlanta, Georgia (CNN)--
Most of us have-
Personal ceremony for handling \"ick\" in the public bathroom: wipe the seat with toilet paper, use paper seat covers, and even roll up a few toilet paper to form a thicker barrier between the skin and. . . the unknown.
But an expert said the toilet seat was actually the cleanest part of the bathroom.
Charles Gerba, a microbiology at the University of Arizona, studied restrooms and other bacteria
For more than 20 years, the infected environment has shown that due to the care measures people take when they are about to sit down, the rest of the bathroom is more likely to infect bacteria.
\"One of the cleanest things we found in the bathroom was the toilet seat,\" Gerba said . \".
\"I will always put my fanny on it ---
Unless it\'s wet.
Then you wipe it clean first.
\"Avoiding the\" hot spots \"in the bathroom\" is popular for those who just want to go to a clean place.
New tools such as MizPee (nationwide)and Diaroogle (New York only)
Will point to the nearest public restroom and display extensive user reviews of these facilities and even send the information to the phone. (
Warning: CNN has no commitment to the language cleanliness of these bathroom locators. )
A year ago, mitzpi launched for people in San Francisco, California.
Founder Peter Olfe saw the city\'s public library bathroom \"too disgusting\", said Dhana Pawar, vice president and partner
Created the founder of MizPee\'s Yojo Mobile.
Unfortunately ,[MizPee]
Inspired by the trip
\"Driven by demand, mizpi has expanded to 22 cities in the United States and 6 cities in Europe, with more than 300,000 unique tourists.
Users rated toilets ranging from 1 to 5 toilet paper rolls and nominated the best and worst toilets of the year.
The site also provides users with transaction information for nearby restaurants, shops and services, as well as toilet trivia known as \"onlookers.
Pawar said: \"Women tend to have higher standards for bathroom cleanliness than men, and generally have lower ratings for unisex general bathrooms than men.
In general, there are a lot more women using this site than men, but male cyclists and older men, especially those with enterocitis, have also come to mitzpi.
Women are also particularly worried about finding a clean bathroom with a change, Pawar said.
\"You will be surprised to find that there are too few people here.
When it comes to the restroom, Pawar says, she is \"very paranoid\" on her own \".
\"I\'m one of those people who have to have a clean bathroom for real anal sex,\" she said . \".
For many people, the public bathroom creates feelings of anxiety, fear and disgust.
\"Basically everyone is afraid of the public restroom . \"
Lisa Bernstein, assistant professor at Emory University\'s School of Medicine, admitted that her mother always told her that she should not be in direct contact with the toilet ring.
Studies have shown that fear of comedy itself can be misleading.
The public bathroom may contain a variety of harmful bacteria, including E. coli.
Experts say E. coli, salmonella, coliform, Rota, cold virus, and possibly fatal S. aureus.
But people are more likely to pick up these nasty bugs by touching things in the bathroom with their hands rather than feet.
\"I don\'t think anyone would volunteer to sit in a seat with urine, but, in fact, urine contact with the full skin on the tush would have no effect,\" Bernstein said . \".
More worrying, however, is a child who grabs the toilet seat and leaves without washing his hands.
These bacteria can cause infection once the child\'s hand touches the nose, mouth or eyes.
Don\'t forget that from the door handle to the lock to the wash, the unwashed hand has taken care of everything.
Again, if you touch one of the objects and then rub your eyes, nose or mouth, you can easily spread the bacteria.
But we have hope.
Here are some health helpers: Yes, that\'s basic.
However, experts say hand washing is generally the most effective measure to prevent bacterial infections in public bathrooms.
\"You can remove all stomach and respiratory infections bacteria by washing your hands,\" said Judy Daley, a spokesman for the clean hand movement, a clinical microbiology at the University of Utah.
\"With a little friction of 17 seconds, water and soap really mediate bacteria.
\"The American Microbiology Society, which launched the Clean Hands campaign, found in a study last year that about 77% of men and women wash their hands in public restrooms, down 6% from 2005.
The observational study also found that women wash their hands more often than men.
\"This is such a simple intervention,\" said Daley . \".
\"If you turn it into a 30-year-old habit --
This is what you do automatically during the day.
\"Bathrooms have recently been added using automatic devices such as automatic hands
The free faucet and tissue dispenser reduces the chance of carrying bacteria between your hands and bathroom items, says Bernstein.
Gerba\'s study found that the highest concentration of bacteria in the public bathroom was on the floor, the outside of the sanitary napkin disposal and the sink and faucet.
When Geba looked at the woman\'s wallet, he found out
The third of them has fecal bacteria at the bottom.
Be sure to hang your backpack on the hook.
If not, some people will swear by the straps hanging around their necks.
The middle booth that uses the first booth public restroom is usually the most bacteria because people use the most.
\"I think people like companies,\" says Gerba . \".
The first booth may be cleaner.
In general, the cleanest toilets are usually in hospitals because they use a lot of disinfectant, but the worst is at the airport and on board, Gerba said.
The small size of the airplane bathroom, including the sink itself, makes it difficult for people to wash their hands-
In fact, a thin layer of E. coli was found in Gerba\'s study.
E. coli in the bathroom
As for the airport itself, \"in the men\'s toilet in Chicago O\'Hare, I don\'t think the toilet seat will get cold,\" Gerba said . \".
Don\'t flinch, she can hover over the toilet seat if a woman doesn\'t want to sit down, but if she doesn\'t completely empty her bladder, Bernstein says she has a risk of urinary system infection.
\"You may do more harm to yourself than good,\" she said . \".
Again, just because you don\'t want to use a particular facility, you can develop a urinary system infection from \"holding for a long time.
It is better in public stalls than in public stalls.
From a point of view, even though the bathroom looks bad, the terrible booth may be infected with a disease that is no different from the one you might be infected with elsewhere in the public place.
\"They are the same bugs that we shake hands on,\" Bernstein said . \".
\"People are more panicking about restrooms, but the same thing applies to public places as well.
After all the research-
He asked the police to call him while he was hovering on the bathroom floor--
There is no problem with Gerba sitting in the public toilet.
But Bernstein still uses one or two seat covers, \"because of what my mother taught me,\" she said.
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