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by:DIgao     2020-06-22
Understand the point of sale and the point of sale system (POS)
The system is a system used to manage commercial goods and services.
The POS system includes software and hardware.
The term \"point of sale\" refers to the point at which consumers take the goods they need and pay for them (
In grocery stores, for example).
POS systems are used by supermarkets, boutiques, shops and other commercial companies.
POS system refers to the way or way of trading by using a machine or computer system. Small-
Large enterprises usually use computer-type POS systems.
Electronic cash register is the most basic POS system.
The item passes through the cash register, detects the code of the item and prints the receipt.
On the other hand, the cash register can provide detailed sales reports every week, month or year.
In a more complex POS system, it has the ability to track inventory management of sales and goods;
Accounting functions such as credit card verification and employee information recording.
Understanding POS hardware is a major component of POS systems.
POS hardware includes display screen, customer display screen, cash drawer, and swipe device (
For credit cards)
Printer, computer and barcode reader.
All of this is an integral part of the POS terminal, a key component of the POS hardware.
POS terminals handle any transactions involving credit, debit and check accounts.
Understand POS software, while POS hardware is centered on points and checks, and POS software calculates sales through cash registers.
POS software is a program that helps realize the functions of the whole system and is responsible for sending and receiving information or data in the system.
Therefore, point of sale software is used for data storage, sales tracking, and recording.
The main tasks of POS software are as follows :-
Increase total sales
Show sales tax-
Show customer changes-
Manage inventory sales (
Inventory Database)
The inventory management capability of the point of sale system is very useful for enterprises, especially those with multiple chain stores.
In addition to the product and service identification, most POS software inventory databases also protect SKU or inventory units where items and services are assigned for each category (
Keyword search capability.
In addition, there is a date-
Time sales records where retailers can buildhot and what’s-
Not a project over time.
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