comparing office chair casters with standard furniture casters

by:DIgao     2020-08-13
The main difference between office chair casters and standard furniture casters is that office chairs usually have double wheels on one caster, where Standard casters have a single wheel.
This makes it easier for chairs to move on carpets and bare floors.
The single wheel is often pressed on the carpet, and the rolling is not smooth.
Both Standard casters and office chairs are equipped with ball bearings on the axle, making them easy to move on a hard surface.
Standard casters for heavy furniture, such as trolleys and larger components, mainly have hard rubber wheels to handle any excess weight and long use.
There are very few real weight distances on the office chair.
The difference between a fixed caster and all the other casters is that it is made from a flat bottom.
This allows it to place any furniture it connects to in one place while still moving it easily in order to clean it at the back and put it back in place.
These are very advantageous when the furniture is in a high dust or dirt area.
Trolley casters are very different from office chair casters because their wheels are almost three times as large as office chair casters.
These are specially designed to handle heavy objects in a large number of moves.
Each trolley is usually equipped with at least one or two casters with a locking mechanism to prevent unnecessary movement.
The movement of office chair casters is also much quieter than some wheels.
This allows close-up work without disturbing others.
However, if your chair moves too much, you may want to switch to a fixed-Style Caster.
Whether it\'s a shopping cart, a cabinet or an office chair, choose the casters carefully.
Make sure its rating is based on any weight you are going to apply.
A caster that is too light to be placed on it will break in a very short time.
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