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by:DIgao     2020-06-22
The point of sale is short for pos.POS components are basically used for trade or retail store levels, reverse check-out in the store, or adjustable sites where transactions occur in this environment, such as restaurants, resorts, arenas, casinos, and retail stores around.Pos, point of sale components use computers and dedicated workstations that are connected to cash records, barcode visitors, visual visitors, and tape visitors in order to catch the company correctly and immediately.Pos, point of sale components include label photo printer, cash storage, barcode visitor, Roadshow, credit card swipe or viewer, Pos, point of sale observation, POS contact screen, and invoice photo printer.
Components, suppliers need to know about them.The important element of the barber shop, the important element of the gym is the cash cabinet.Used to store currency, bank credit card invoices and other documents.
Cash storage receives instructions from a PC or invoice printing device.If Pos, point of sale components are purchased independently, the cash cabinet should fit the rest of the system.Cash reserves should be strong and stable.
The Pole show is an optional Pos point of sale.This is a lighting program that is used to show some deals, the amount of submissions, and display custom information or display marketing.The POS display may be flat.Panel LCD display or conventional CRT display;The LCD display may be wider than the traditional one, but takes up less area at check-out.
Compared to the traditional pic keyboard and display, the contact display is simple and quick to use and saves the reverse area.Your PC keyboard is the main Epos for barbershop, gym.Keyboards may vary in complexity and technological innovation.
They range from traditional 101-Like the key models you might have on your home PC-The specific Epos of the barber shop, the epos of the PC keyboard of the gym.In places with special features such as food markets and restaurants, only the automatic PC keyboard is used.Many shops and restaurants use barcodes to see the price of the product.
They can be different in scale and technological innovation.Hand-Most commonly used by small suppliers to receive visitors.Large stores with important inspection activities may need an accompanying scanning device, which can be seen everywhere in the market.
Barcode visitors read a series of numbers and barcodes, decipher the details and send the details to the PC.components.Credit rating card audience for bank credit card reading.In addition to charging and credit cards, there are also gadgets that can be used with gift certificates and other promised items called trademark capture gadgets.
These products help improve transaction efficiency and reduce costs and errors related to down payment certification.Instead, the invoice photo printer is used to print proof of transaction for the customer.The receipt photo printer may be the order point-Printing equipment or hot invoice printing equipment.
Point matrix photo printers are usually cheaper than invoice photo printers for specific heat, but are not durable.But the hot invoice photo printer is suitable for long use
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