Choose the shake handshandle of skills

by:DIgao     2020-07-20
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the shake handshandle of choice for home decoration is very important, that make the finishing point.
need according to the whole decorate a style, the color of furniture, and so on to choose a more suitable material, design, specifications and work.
1, choose according to the length of the cabinet handle: too big or too small, will affect the whole beautiful
( 1) Less than 50 cm, drawer or cupboard door advised to choose a single span 64 mm hole shake handshandle
( 2) 50cm- 80 cm of the drawer or cupboard door, we suggest 96 mm hole shake handshandle
( 3) 60cm- 100 cm of the drawer or cupboard door, we suggest 128 mm hole shake handshandle
( 4) Greater than 100 cm, drawer or cupboard door shake handshandle advised to choose a 160 mm hole

screw length:
board thickness: 18 mm screw length: 22 mm
board thickness: 20 mm screw length: 25 mm:
board thickness 25 mm screw length:
30 mm board thickness: 30 mm screw length: 35 mm:
board thickness 35 mm screw length: 40 mm
2, different locations, different requirements for using the shake handshandle of
the shake handshandle of porch ark focus on decorative, for example, focus on usability and shoe ark shake handshandle. The kitchen handles don't choose the texture, because the kitchen lampblack easily, not easy to clean, should choose the material of durable, corrosion resistant. The shake handshandle of children room will estimate the security properties, can choose to have sharp corners, to prevent injury. And so on.
3, in addition to the appearance, the quality of the shake handshandle is also very important, in relation to the service life of products.
when choosing can knock gently shake handshandle, voice ringing for pipe thickness, sound depressing for foot thin tube.
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