Choose Locks for Safety and Convenience

by:DIgao     2020-06-29
Most of us remember the locks and keys with nostalgia;
They have been protecting our doors for a long time, but as in any other area of our lives, technology is changing the way we do things.
We live in an era when electronic door locks quickly replace traditional locks and keys.
There are different types of electronic locks, and understanding the differences between them can allow you to make informed decisions.
Keyboard lock: Although it is technically called an electronic door lock, the keyboard lock is different from the traditional door lock;
They come with a keyboard placed above the door handle, or know the numbers 0 to 9, so you won\'t be able to access it unless you have the correct number code.
This is especially good for situations where it becomes inconvenient to use a physical key.
You will forget the business of finding keys through your wallet, and if you have a guest at your door when no one else is around, you can also give them the code, but you can re-program it later.
Key chain lock: the key chain electronic lock can be compared with our remote car lock, so that you do not have to operate manually like using the keyboard lock, using the fob remote activation lock mechanism;
You need to lock or unlock by pressing a button.
People prefer the key chain instead of the keyboard lock, because you can open the door when you approach the door or after you leave.
However, in order to use this electronic door lock, you still have to be within a given distance of the door.
Remote access locks: these may be the most convenient of all available electronic locks, and they may be electronic locks that can really protect your home.
Locking and unlocking systems are almost similar to fob locks, but are easier to use;
Most importantly, you can operate it even if you are not at home.
As long as there is an Internet connection, this type of electronic door lock can be operated from any location.
Locks can also be integrated with other parts of the home security system, which means you can check or lock and unlock using an online account.
With the remote access lock, you can lock that door comfortably when the kids leave, and if you remember that you have forgotten, you can even lock it, and when you\'re not there, you can wait until they finish.
Convenience and security: Whether you choose a keyboard lock, a key chain, or a remote access lock, you are technically using different types of electronic door locks.
Take the time to ask yourself which of these electronic locks will give you the convenience and security you want, and then look for it.
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