Chinese man jailed for making ‘gun’ toilet handles will face retrial

by:DIgao     2020-08-05
Last year, a man in Northeast China was sentenced to 13 years in prison for making toilet handles that looked like gun parts after a provincial court ruled that the original evidence was insufficient and that the man was facing a retrial.
Anhui Higher People\'s Court delivered its second judgment
On March 13, Jiang Zhiping was suspected of illegally manufacturing, trading and storing guns. on last September, Jiang Yu\'s relatives told the newspaper news that the facts were unclear and the evidence was insufficient. cn on Tuesday.
As a result, the high court has sent the case back to the Intermediate People\'s Court of Fuyang city, Anhui province for retrial.
Jiang, a plastic home furnishing designer from Jiangxi province, is responsible for a high
The pressure toilet flush handle was identified by police as a gun component and police are investigating the network of gun sellers across China.
After China\'s gun attack, women were found in a nearby village using air rifle fairPolice tracking network through air guns, in Fuyang on April 2016 and confiscated 3,870 toilet handles from the warehouse to Jiang Zong.
Jiang Xiaoqin\'s sister told this reporter.
Cn believes that the toilet handle was the first patent project he designed and that his defense lawyer presented the patent certificate at the first trial.
Prosecutors said that after Jiang\'s online research, he created a design to imitate the gun grip and said that the shape and function of the handle are the same as the sample gun displayed in court.
However, Yang Weiping, Jiang\'s retrial defense lawyer, told the newspaper.
Cn stated that the method used to identify it as a firearm is flawed and does not comply with the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Security.
Jiang asked for his toilet handle to be replaced again.
Determined in the appeal
Chinese police at 11-year-
The old boy shot and killed his 9-year-old cousin, and his family received a statement from Fuyang police saying they did not have the Ministry of Public Security guidelines on gun identification between July 2016 and April 2017.
The date of the retrial has not yet been determined.
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