China metal coat hooks products export influence factors analysis

by:DIgao     2020-06-18
At present the influence factors of metal coat hooks products exports ( A) Metal coat hooks industry face the pressure of competition from neighboring countries. As domestic labor costs continue to rise, has long been relying on cheap labor price construction of traditional Chinese industrial advantage compare with Vietnam, India and other countries is gradually lost. The Vietnam economic times reported that Vietnam metal clothing association ( VPA) In the third quarter, according to the years ago, Vietnam exports nearly $metal clothing products, year-on-year growth. %, is expected in the merchandise exports or $, growth. %。 At present, Vietnam's largest metal clothing products export market for Japan. In the first three quarters of this year, the Vietnamese exports to Japan of metal coat hooks products exports. %, year-on-year growth. %; Followed by the United States, exports accounted for. %, growth. %。 ( 2) Product quality standards strictly restricted metal clothing products exports. Because the eu meeting passed 'packaging and packaging waste directive amendment, China metal clothes bag exports to the eu will be more strict. The packaging and packaging waste directive amendment, applied to the packing of the products come out more strict rules, amendment requires eu member states, based on years of data, reduce % lightweight metal clothes bag in years ago ( The thickness of metal clothes bag of micron microns) , reduce % lightweight metal clothes bag in years ago. In addition, the special requirements in the years before the wrap used in fruits, vegetables and confectionery foods such as metal clothes bag replaced with paper bags or biodegradable bags. China metal clothes bag exports to the eu will be more strict, pay attention to environmental protection is the only way out. Metal clothing products industry in China is given priority to with high energy consumption, low added value, the policy for manufacturing metal coat hooks products of small and medium-sized enterprises in China is a serious test. ( 3) Industrial concentration is low and the product homogeneity contradiction metal clothing industry healthy development. At present China metal products industry as a whole show the clothes hook, industry concentration degree is low, productivity, low degree of specialization of production, deep processing rate is low. Metal clothing enterprise concentrated through low problem is China's metal coat hooks similar products too much, low-end products supply exceeds demand, competition heats up, the main reasons for leading to industry as a whole small profits. China metal clothes varieties is given priority to with PP and PE, a higher percentage of ordinary materials of products. China metal coat hooks industry universal implementation of extensive management, township formed the factory independent, independent, great product, cause local enterprise basic equipment investment overheating, low-value products production growth. At present, the domestic metallic clothing industry is still in the low-level stage of development, the quality of the product with additional value generally is not high, only satisfy the general consumer demand abroad. In addition, the technology development of domestic metal coat hooks industry level are also generally is not high, in science and technology innovation and technology research and development on the gap with foreign advanced level there is very big. Transformation of development mode has become a metal clothing industry the core problem to be solved.
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