Ceramic handles science take supplements?

by:DIgao     2020-07-29
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ceramic handles science repairing adhesive is a two-component, paste type inorganic adhesive, repair of the various kinds of metal casting, and various kinds of blow hole and sand holes, cracks, wear, corrosion repair. After repair can keep the same color, can be in drilling, car tooth, cutting and sanding, and work all kinds of mechanical processing, etc.

with production and improvement of living standards, the average molecular structure of repairing adhesive has far cannot satisfy the people in the production and living, the application of the polymer and nanometer materials become an effective way to improve the performance of various materials, macromolecule polymers and nanometer polymer become the important research direction of repairing adhesive. In the development of modern industrial enterprises, the cluster scale and degree of automation of equipment is higher and higher, for the safety of the equipment at the same time the requirements of continuous production is becoming more and more high, the traditional maintenance technology is given priority to with metal repair methods have far cannot meet the demand of more advanced equipment for maintenance, the need to develop more for equipment for the prevention and the scene to solve the new technology and materials, including polymer composites was born for this new supplements, in order to solve more problems, meet the demand of new applications.
this is popular science take supplements the introduction and development of ceramic handle.
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