Ceramic handle with what is the principle of the container in the medicine cabinet?

by:DIgao     2020-07-27
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ceramic handle collocation in the medicine cabinet loading principle is a large quantity of light drag box, commonly used ordinary pack, volatile powder surface bottle, dark cabinet alone save your poison.
light large amount of drag box, box, ark of traditional Chinese medicine stowed in single dosage of herbs prescriptions will be more bigger box placed or lightweight bubble of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In order to avoid repeated work of bucket inside short time, such as cure syphilis glabrous greenbrier rhizome, fossil money spent on the grass, the sheep of impotent grandiflorum, such as the dosage of leaves; Lactation ricepaperplant pith, fall of inverse inula flower, open the sound of cicada and light texture.
common ordinary pack: fights the ark of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) stowed, except the few numerical seeds, fruit, flower, stem and root bark and special place, animal, mineral drugs are available with a pipe.

volatile powder surface a bottle: bottles of ark of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is installed, usually will be exposed to store, easy to volatilize decomposition, the crystallization of the lost efficacy, processing, commission agent; Minimum of drugs like sand, the hard hand grasp of the very fine seeds and the surface of the powder drugs, bottle put ark place, in order to adjust. Such as camphor and borneol, mint ice, borax, glauber's salt, frankincense, myrrh, realgar powder, sulfur powder, natural indigo, cattail pollen, semen plantaginis, semen lepidii, etc. , in addition to hard to combination of bucket ZiZhong Chinese medicine such as fructus arctii, brucea, bottle placed.
this is medicine cabinet of ceramic handle collocation principles of the container.
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