Ceramic handle product overview of the land of spring

by:DIgao     2020-07-22
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ceramic handle place spring product overview
because of worm gear can be forward and reverse rotation, so the spring can be used for two-way open the door, the door closers, can only be used for one-way open the door. Lower part of floor spring are the key technologies of the main shaft bearing seat, which decide the level of bearing on the spring. Because for two-way open the door to spring to carry the weight of the door, compare the door closers, body weight is crucial choice of floor spring. In practice, door leaf weight is generally not super, so the door width and wind pressure for the selection of floor spring model is preferred. Also, pay attention to the aspect ratio, the proportion of the height and width, if too disproportionate, door leaf is also can't normal use.

this is the place of ceramic handle product overview of the spring
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