Ceramic handle maintenance method

by:DIgao     2020-07-19
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use many vintage furniture will install ceramic handle now, because of the shake handshandle of ceramic material more artistic, can highlight the classical flavor, so now the application of ceramic material handle is very broad. In order to prolong the service life of shake handshandle, at ordinary times should pay attention to when using shake handshandle maintenance work, the following will introduce several commonly used methods of ceramic handle maintenance.

home use furniture often dusty, so in order to maintain the cleanliness of furniture, should often clean up the dust on the furniture, but also can conveniently clean shake handshandle. But in clean shake handshandle should be paid attention to, can't use of chemical reagents to wipe, because of these chemical elements may influence the glossiness of ceramic shake handshandle, some will also affect the service life of shake handshandle, shake handshandle wipes in so don't use chemicals to clean, can use a clean towel to wipe. Some families in order to thoroughly remove the stain on shake handshandle, use soap and water and so on to wipe, but after cleaning, you should remember to wipe with clean towel to will, avoid soap water on shake handshandle, etc. Ceramic handle design effect is very unique, in appreciation of both beautiful sex, so in close cupboard door at ordinary times, pay attention to the light, light, avoid damage to the shake handshandle overexert, in peacetime should also avoid collision between and shake handshandle, this will lead to handle damaged or broken, and so on and so forth.
this is ceramic handle some preservation methods.
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