Ceramic handle furniture collocation of the introduction know that hides ark?

by:DIgao     2020-07-24
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ceramic handle furniture collocation of the size and application that hides ark is a bit like a chest of drawers, the difference is hidden in the cabinet door is open, the door both sides is woodiness pivot structure, pivot insert in hiding ark, the lower the sunken mouth, flexible door can be closed.
is a layer of plywood, some use two or three layers of plywood, the cabinet is divided into fluctuation two parts or sections.

usually have three narrow at the bottom of long drawer cabinet, it is mainly used for some small precious items, the bottom of the drawer to the ground is hollow. The carvings of hiding ark is used more flowers and plants, animals and the characters in the fairy tale, the Tibetan compatriots reflects the love of nature.
this is the introduction that hides ark of ceramic handle furniture collocation.
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