Ceramic handle furniture collocation of jingyi introduction to know?

by:DIgao     2020-07-24
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ceramic handle furniture collocation of jingyi is an ancient woman's dressing table, dressing table below is a small drawer, to place the rouge powder, makeup tools, such as eyebrow pencil, makeup appearance generous, practical. Is also a woman get married, a necessary dowry, as a dowry.
jingyi in qin and han dynasties, the eastern jin gu kaizhi's famous 'picture of pro figure', is a woman of dressing mirror images. In that era has been placed on the ground of simple jingyi, however, the dressing table or aristocrats, official home & other; Royal products & throughout; 。
later, with the widespread use of the visitors, table, jingyi has developed in the classic style of mesa, and gradually moves towards the people, is widely used in the song period.

this is the introduction of ceramic handle furniture collocation of jingyi.
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