carry any bottle with a jug knot handle

by:DIgao     2020-08-05
Tie a kettle knot around a water bottle, soda bottle or aluminum bottle to make a safe harness. Re-
Put any container into reusable water bottles by adding convenient carry bands.
This Instructable will show how to tie a jar knot as implied by its name, designed to be properly secured to the neck of the container.
With some knowledge of ropes and this knot, you can add a handle, lanyard or hiking buckle ring to your favorite drink and carry it with you.
It is perfect for those disposable water bottles, who knows that once you have added some colored ropes to your regular old clear water bottle, you may tend to refill and use it again. (
See pictures 4 and 5 below)
In addition to plastic beverage bottles like soda, water and sports drinks, you can turn those sturdy aluminum beer bottles into a backpack canteen.
One of you who is familiar with my previous aluminum bottle instructions: The curling metal tumbler bottle light alcohol stove identifies the kettle shown below as re-
Aluminum beer bottles.
Here I added a paint finish to turn it into a water bottle that looks right.
More in steps 13, 14, 15.
Wire size is important.
Choose a small medium weight rope, as shown here.
It is a general purpose camp rope for sale in most sporting goods stores. (
Laces can also be)
Do not use heavy ropes or ropes because the larger diameter will not be stuck under the relatively small lip at the top of the bottleneck and the bottle will fall off.
In addition, the smaller wire itself is tight and will not loosen unexpectedly.
The next steps will show how to tie the \"pot knot \".
This is the basic step to add the carrying belt.
This is also the anchor point for any extra fine bottle you might want to add.
The first step of the jug is to form a \"straight line\" at the center of a rope \".
Bisight is a knot term for a ring or bend in a rope.
In this case, the main part of this knot is highlighted with a white mark.
In these steps, it is easier for me to follow its path.
The length of the running end of the wire should be equal.
Form two rings and pull biight down.
Go through the right loop on the left loop.
Take the main biight and pass it under the left loop.
Weave the Bible under the part of the right loop and the part of the left loop.
Expand biight on the outside of the right loop.
In the next two steps, additional color recognition points have been added to the loop to track their travel.
Right ring * yellow mark \"flips behind the knot and finally at the far left of the knot.
Raise the green mark (
On the previous left loop)
Pull it down and pull it to the right;
Flip it before the knot.
Note that the blue part of this loop will be passed externally around the yellow part of the first loop.
Pay attention to the final location of the blue, green and yellow marks.
Start to eliminate the slack in the loop by pulling the original main pointer (
White mark in the upper right corner)
Two free-standing ends at the bottom.
The bottleneck runs through the center of the knot.
After removing the slack, insert the bottleneck and complete the tightening.
This knot should be like this before sliding it over the bottle.
This is the finished knot shown on the neck of various containers.
The loop end can be bundled with two free stand ends to create a handling handle. (
The last picture below)
The next few steps demonstrate the features of aluminum beer bottles
Used as a kettle canteen.
It is one of many containers that can be reused as camp water bottles.
The bottle is lightly polished, masked, and then painted with a \"hammer finished product\" to create interesting surface textures.
Use a bottle of artificial cork as a plug for your aluminum water bottle.
Note: Use the cork removed from the bottle, while the Cork does not penetrate the bottom of the cork. (
A hole through the cork causes it to leak. )
Use the unpierced end of the cork inside the water bottle.
Drill a hole in the side of the cork.
Connect the wire through the hole to the center of the wire.
Cork is the main body.
As shown in the beginning step of the figure, fasten the kettle knot.
The cork is now tied to the bottle and will not be lost or dropped to the ground.
A mountaineering clip goes through the other end and attaches the water bottle to your belt or package.
This is another way to hang your aluminum bottle water canteen.
Usually tie a pot knot around the neck.
However, the running end of the knot is pulled down to the bottom of the bottle.
A barrel knot was tied about 3/4 along the side of the bottle.
A square knot is tied at the bottom of the knot to keep the two running ends close to the side of the bottle.
I like the look of the colored rope with an accent extending along the side of the bottle, and the fact that the bottle is hanging upside down on the belt.
It adds to its uniqueness.
The last picture shows another Truss change.
Below is a bottle with some additional entrustment.
You can be creative as you like.
It all starts over again.
Container and pot knot (Enough wires).
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