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In the long run, no one can argue that we all benefit from the preservation of family food.
We do this to save money and resources.
For yourself-
Plenty, we grow as much as we can of our own food, we can\'t grow a lot of food, all to fill our food without emptying our pockets.
Every culture that once existed on Earth uses some methods of preserving and storing food.
Until the 19 th century, however, the choice was dry, pickled and fermented.
It was done for some little life in the dark winter until Napoleon appeared.
The story of the two French people the Napoleon war was a series of conflicts that threatened Napoleon Bonaparte from 1804. 1814.
Known as one of the greatest strategists in the world, Napoleon knows that the biggest challenge to stop insurgents is to make sure his army is always ready.
\"An army is marching on its stomach,\" Napoleon said . \"
In order to maintain the health and diet of the French Army, the government has provided 12,000 francs to anyone who can come up with a food preservation method, so that the army in action can eat well.
This means the preservation and transportation of a large amount of food.
Nicholas Abbott, Baker lives in Paris and claimed 12,000. 1810 years of francsin in January, and thatheat was found to kill harmful bacteria before he was 6-10 years old.
The Appert process involves packing food into glass jars, sealing them with cork and boiling the sealed glass jars for a period of time.
Although Appert cannot explain why this process works, the French government is confident that by keeping the army healthy, it will help the army to crack down on an increasing number of uprisings. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Although transporting glass is a problem, it will take a few years until the metal tank is invented after Napoleon\'s defeat at Waterloo. Let the world\'s troops move on and fight for longer in full.
The process of storing food in \"Type C rations\" or type c cans
The American soldiers prepared canned food for them.
Cheap, high price
Calorie food is designed to meet the nutritional needs of soldiers in combat, and this instant food will later become an iconic part of American military history.
While tin cans can eventually replace glass cans from food processing plants in Europe and the United States, glass cans remain at the heart of home food preservatives.
The jar used by Appert is a glass bottle with a big mouth.
The food is placed in the bottle and then sealed with cork and wax, processed in hot water.
The process works, of course, but it\'s messy and the equipment is in trouble.
Until 1858, John Landis Mason applied for a patent for a new jar with a screw
Zinc cover at home
Kanning became very ordinary.
Other inventors and other Jar designs follow.
Atlas, Bauer and Kerr are household names with Mason.
With every improvement in the design, the jar and lid become easier to use, and the Can becomes a widely accepted practice, but it has its limitations.
While the pot that cooks the Seal does kill some harmful bacteria, it doesn\'t always kill all the harmful bacteria.
Due to the \"bathing\" sealed jars in hot water, the solomba usually thrive.
Meat poisoning is a fatal food poisoning caused by inappropriate canned meat, vegetables and fruits.
Putting the jar in hot water for a few hours can destroy the consistency and quality of the food before it can destroy the poisoning of the meat.
People are happy because they eat at home.
Canned food, afraid of death.
The Appert process seems to be only suitable for high
Vegetables and fruits.
Meat and low-acid foods are best preserved by solidification or drying, not by Canning.
On the eve of the 20 th century, the first domestic pressure can was launched.
They are bulky, bulky and not always the safest device, but by the end of World War II, food technology has improved and household pressure tanks have become less bulky and safer
The new aluminum model is lighter than the old one, heated more evenly and used less water.
The post-war trend is to stay away from the dial gauge to the weighing pressure gauge, which makes it simple to reach and keep the right pressure.
Don\'t try to adjust the heat again to adjust the reading on the meter disk.
Now, it\'s as simple as putting a scale on a pet cock and listening to a steady rhythm of stress.
Even from the 21st century, food science is changing the way we use pressure tanks.
Today\'s pressure tank is stylish and functional.
Standard safety features, such as hidden locks, can prevent users from inadvertently opening the electric fan before fully decompression, reducing severe burns caused by premature opening of the pressure electric fan.
Modern pressure tanks are eliminating the fear of Home Food Preservation.
If you have never tried a can before, or have an old reliable can worker who works well, but you have to keep an eye on the kids all the time, you may consider buying a new pressure tank.
Not that you can\'t find the perfect feature. WW II canners.
You can. A lot of people.
But the new one is easier to use, not to mention safer.
Remember, the pressure electric fan and the pressure electric fan are two different things.
The pressure cooker is used to prepare food, and the pressure cooker is used to preserve food in the glass jar.
Make sure you buy the right type.
Like any other Homestead Art, the pressure tank takes you some time to get to know your device and feel comfortable with how it works.
There is no shortcut to this.
Take some time to read the manual that comes with the pressure electric fan.
Discovering how this process works and how you fit into it is the first step in getting a successful experience.
The last thing anyone wants is the traumatic experience caused by inadequate planning and unfamiliar equipment.
In addition to the pressure vessel of the wrong model (
Cooker instead of electric fan)
, People make other common mistakes that can seriously affect the outcome of their attempts to hold cans.
The worst of these mistakes is not to run \"dry\" with a new pressure tank.
Although setting up the fan with the only empty cans and then continuing to run all the pressurizing and decompressing seems to be a big job
Pressurizing the electric fan, a key step that should never be skipped, should be done annually before you start working hard.
This initial process will not only familiarize you with the new electric fan, but will also expose gasket problems and other problems that may cause serious injuries to you or your family.
Rocket science is not needed, rocket science is not needed.
In fact, we know that.
The Arocket scientist did not invent it;
That\'s what a baker in Paris did.
Like appert, you don\'t need to know why canning works.
You just need to know how to use your device as safely as possible.
Once you\'re ready, you\'ll find almost all the canned recipes you can imagine (
Something you can never imagine)
On the pages of the country
If it can be saved in a pressure tank, our readers will do so.
For decades, readers have shared a variety of cooking methods from soup to cake.
Napoleon Bonaparte or Nicholas?
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