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by:DIgao     2020-08-12
Furniture sales have always been a major area of consumer complaints.
Fortunately, there are many reasons why buying furniture online can be safer than offline. No Fast-
Many complained that the furniture sales staff made a commitment that was not fulfilled.
In fact, furniture salespeople don\'t always know what they\'re talking about.
The actual performance of furniture orders is often handled by different departments and even different companies.
No sales people hanging out nearby will reduce the cost of online furniture. pressure.
In essence, this is all written and the online furniture store has to provide a lot of information in writing.
Written policy on transportation, warranty (if any)
Customer service is almost always accessible. (
Tip: Find a link to a written policy at the bottom of each web page. )
The fact is that everything is written down, which gives the online furniture store much less room to change the terms of the deal.
Tip: * save or print web pages that describe the furniture you ordered and important policies and guarantees (
May change after you order)
, And any confirmation page or email.
In this way, if you have any disputes, you have a solid foundation to state your point of view.
* If the web page describing the product does not have the model name or product number, please make sure to receive it before payment or at another point in time.
Make sure you order the furniture you want to order.
Just like the offline furniture store, you have to pay to return any item you have ordered in error.
* If you do talk to the sales person on the phone, don\'t break the paper traces by accepting the promise over the phone.
Ask the web address of the written policy or ask the follow-up policy
An email outlining any commitments.
The same good photo evidence as the online furniture store is their photo thread.
A common complaint from consumers about offline stores is that the furniture delivered does not look like a model in the showroom.
With an online furniture store, you can make a purchase based on the photos.
If the furniture delivered does not meet expectations, you can save the picture to your computer.
If you make sure that the model name or number is included on the order at checkout, you can also
Check what the model looks like by going to the manufacturer\'s website.
Late shipping is another common complaint for offline furniture stores.
Furniture usually arrives one to two months later than the salesperson points out.
The online furniture store will usually ship directly from the warehouse within a few days to a week after you order.
Again, you can easily check the written shipping policy for more accurate information.
Another advantage of the online furniture store is that they usually use the third
Party Express
If you get the name of the delivery company at the time of order, you can at least verify with the delivery company itself with the delay of the order. A third-
Party courier makes it harder for the store to claim that the furniture was being shipped when it was never shipped.
Credit and finance: fewer traps depending on the website\'s consumer affairs.
Financing transactions in furniture stores are notorious for violating credit and loan regulatory laws.
If a 0% interest transaction contains an expensive fine, it may not be as good as you think.
Or you might find that the eligibility requirements are too high for most people to get a lower rate.
Worst of all, because it was furniture stores that made you loan, you basically paid for the furniture before it was delivered.
If you later find that your furniture will be delivered late, it may be difficult for you to cancel your order.
The cash situation is no better.
Online furniture stores generally do not provide financing.
Instead, they accept credit cards.
If the furniture store does not deliver the item as promised and will not resolve your complaint, your credit card issuer may assist you in your dispute.
In extreme cases where furniture does not arrive or is intact, your credit card provider may force a refund.
Better Bureau of Commerce convenient BBBOnline many consumers who have complaints about furniture stores turn to better bureau of commerce.
But if the store is not a member of a better bureau of commerce, there is little that the bureau can do.
Contrary to the general view, the better bureau of commerce is not a government agency and cannot execute judgments.
The bureau is mainly committed to resolving disputes between consumers and their member companies.
With an online furniture store, it\'s easy to find better bureau of commerce members.
The store should display the BBBOnline logo prominently on the order page.
Click on the logo you want to bring to BBB.
The organization page of the store.
It should be said on the website that this store is a member of good reputation.
With BBBOnline, which is the bureau\'s e-commerce program, you can dispute sales without going anywhere in the US where the store\'s headquarters is located.
Of course, if you trust others too much and don\'t look for a written policy, a better bureau of commerce membership or a receipt to keep, you can still be spied out by an online furniture store.
But you can also be taken away by an offline furniture store.
For a attentive shopper, it is easier for the online furniture store to point all the I than offline.
Experience is simple, low
Stress, mainly writing.
In short, while you should always be careful, the online furniture store makes it much easier to be careful.
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