big 10: hardware trends in iwf spotlight: hardware manufacturers will showcase an innovative array of hinges and slides at the international woodworking machinery & furniture supply fair in atlanta.

by:DIgao     2020-06-23
With the International Woodworking machinery and furniture supply Fair coming, wood and wood products require leading hardware manufacturers to discuss the new hinges and slides they will introduce at the big show in August.
26 29 in Atlanta
The hardware manufacturer will present a range of interesting hinges and slides with features that offer new features.
Quiet closing mechanism is still an important feature for the market.
Other features include hand
Free-to-operate and concealed hinges with multiple adjustment functions.
Here are 10 products that will cause a stir in iide: Accuride\'s Pro pocket cover door slide Calvin Luce, director of distribution sales at Accuride, who says his company will present a full 3/4-
Inch coverage of IWF.
The slide, he said, has \"unique installation style\" and other features that are not available except to eliminate the danger of door scars and damage.
\"It has always been a challenge to achieve full coverage, especially when customizing cabinets, using a raised panel or a molded application,\" Luce said . \".
The Pro Pocket eliminates the tedious calculation and redesign, making it easier to install the entire coverage.
Partition brackets are also a great way to save time for installers.
\"The reverse mounting of the Pro pocket creates a pocket between the cabinet side and the internal partition.
With this configuration, the sliding roller is located on the back of the cabinet door and will never touch the facade, which is especially useful when using the cabinet door with engraved front, applied molding or raised panels. An auto-
The open function opens the cabinet door to the last 1/4 to achieve full extension and to prevent possible door damage when the door is rotated and closed.
Another feature of increasing productivity is the partition channel of the additional bracket, allowing for easy addition or removal of the internal panel.
Door slides can accommodate up to 42-
Inches high, load up to 30 pounds.
It has a black plating and even a length of 16 to 28 inch. Phone: (562)903-0200 www. accuride.
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Slightly] Illustrations
Grass Tec 864 dark side
Frame hinge January Fitzpatrick, advertising manager, American grass company
Her company will display the Tec 864 faceframe hinge with Cam depth adjustment, she said.
\"Tec 864 is a face --
Frame concealed Cam hinge provides sixway adjustment.
This is beneficial to both the manufacturer and the installer for easy adjustment during the production process and also for online
Fitzpatrick said: \"installation on site.
\"Tec 864 has a variety of coverage,\" she added . \".
Except for six-
Adjustment of the way, one-
Combination of these 3 hinges and substrates
The opening angle of the D hinge is 105 degrees. The all-
The depth of the cup drill hole of the metal hinge is 10.
5mm, available in standard grass 42mm drilling pattern and 45mm pattern.
Tee 864 in door thickness from 13mm to 19mm (
1/2 to 3/4).
The substrate has a positioning label for easy installation and height adjustment in a slender screw hole. Phone: (800)334-3512 www. grassusa.
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Blumotion Blum for wood and metal drawers will present its Blumotion closure device, which is now available for wooden drawers with the company\'s tandem concealed runner.
Wolfgang Qingjing machine, Bailong company, vice president of marketing.
Blumotion said that Blumotion is suitable for both metal drawers and wood drawers, but Wood is particularly popular in the United States. S. market.
Only a touch is needed to activate Blumotion on the tandemEquipped with drawers.
The device engages when the drawer is 2 inch away from closing, causing the resistance to be applied to the self
The closing mechanism on the runner, resulting in a soft, controlled closing even full of drawers.
\"By creating Blumotion for tandem concealed runners, we made it possible for contractors and taxi manufacturers to provide this service to customers who like wooden drawers,\" Branner said . \".
Blumotion can be quickly assembled by hand;
Its shell is marked rightor left-
Easy to install for manual use.
Manually connect the part to the flow path, so there is no need to use the tool.
Blumotion kit for new series
With two drawershousings (right and left)
There are two trigger mechanisms.
\"These devices provide quiet shut-off and eliminate the click of the tableware in the drawer.
\"Consumers can easily remove drawers equipped with tandem runners and Blumotion for cleaning,\" Branner said . \". Phone: (704)827-1345 www. blum.
[American circle 150]
Slightly] IllustrationsMepla-Alfit\'s 5-
D. Cam adjustable substrate Mepla-
Alfit will show a full 3-
Earn plates in IWF. \"Whether face-
Norman Feldman, marketing coordinator at Mepla, said: \"The frame or European cabinet structure, customers and manufacturers will get plates that are adaptable in all three aspectsAlfit Inc.
Function is a main feature of the Cam board, easy to install, pre-
Screws installed on the Cam board with tools-
Double hinge missing
The material is made of a mold.
Cast zinc/steel with Cam height adjustment+ or -]2mm (up/down)
Cover adjustment via [screws]+ or -]2mm (side to side).
The depth of the incoming/outgoing Cam is adjusted [+ or -]1. 5mm. Phone: (336)956-4600 www. mepla-alfit.
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Slightly] IllustrationsHands-
Free soft closed hinge from Wood Technology Inc.
Will show evolution, pneumatic, hands-free, soft-
Close the clip on the hinge.
Sam Applegate, vice president and national sales manager, said that when the door is opened less than 80 degrees, the door is automatically quantified and there is no need for bumpers and cushionsdose devices.
It provides a maximum opening angle of 110 degrees and is easy to install the clipIn the system and 3-D adjustment.
\"Due to the pneumatic actuator, there is absolutely no noise in this hinge and there is no door open,\" Applegate said . \". The hands-
For businesses and places like the doctor\'s office, free operations are particularly important. Phone: (800)231-9522 www. woodtechnology.
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Slightly] Illustrations
Self-concept of hardware
Hardware concept company closed slides
Will display fromclosing, fill-
Extended ball bearing slider designed to automatically close the drawer and ensure it is safely closed.
\"Ideal for mobile carts, kitchen cabinets, residential furniture, cabinet drawers and high furniture
\"Terminal cabinets,\" said Henry Sanchez, hardware concept sales manager . \".
\"Customers and manufacturers don\'t need to worry about the drawer opening on their own because automatically
The shutdown mechanism prevents this type of operation.
\"There are 14 hinges-, 16-, 18-, 20-, 22-, 24-and 26-
Inch size 100pound capacity. Phone: (305)685-1101 www.
Hardware concept.
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Hinge and adapter pieces for Hafele American company Slide
New hinges and an adapter piece will be presented for drawer slides made possible by bonding using UV glass.
\"The process of UV glass bonding enables manufacturers to manufacture elegant and unique furniture by simple UV Adhesive bonding suitable for glass/glass, glass/stainless steel,\" Glass/Granite or glass/wood combination, \"said Philip Martin, marketing director at Hafele America.
\"UV bonding now enables manufacturers to be flexible in-
Did not go to the glass maker\'s house.
\"Several new components that the company will showcase include adapter pieces for various door hinges and drawer slides.
The hinge option is suitable for glass/glass and glass/wood construction, and the adapter piece allows the drawer slides to be easily attached to the glass structure.
\"Drilling on Glass is not necessary to stabilize the function of glue bonding,\" Martin said . \". Phone: (336)889-2322 www. hafeleonline.
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Slightly] Illustrations
New face of Salice
Salice will launch a new Noodle line
Frame hinge with three cam adjustments, called Salice hinge CSR3799XR.
Matteo Fregosi, general manager of Salice America said: \"The adjustment of the vertical, front and side is done by turning the wrist . \".
\"Each adjustment is independent of other adjustments and allows for precise positioning of the door.
It also allows to correct distorted door and shelf problems without a gasket or gasket, and it does not move once it is adjusted.
Hinge design is characterized by a
Two pieces, stamped steel structure
Screw fixing on any frame.
The screw is in the middle of 3/4-
Inch frame to minimize the chance of wood splitting.
\"The product takes advantage of the additional advantages of eccentric cam adjustment to complete our hinge face frame line and is available in the most popular coverage,\" added Fregosi . \". Phone: (800)222-9652 www. saliceamerica.
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The Ferrari American hidden hinge series will show its full coverage-
Frame hinge series, C85 and partial coverage-
The frame hinge series of IWF 60.
Doug Edgerton, sales manager at Ferrari America, said 60 invisible hinges provided six
Adjustment of local coverage, face-
Frame cabinet structure.
It provides independent, sideto-
[Side tone]+ or -]1.
5mm of [and continuous front, middle and outer Cam adjustment]+ or -]1.
5mm and vertical and up and down adjustments with [fixing screws]+ or -]3mm.
\"It has two kinds of coverage, 1/2 and 5/8,\" he said . \".
Other features include fluency
The company\'s patented action Spring Design has a depth of 10mm-105-
The degree opens.
The hinge is made of copper and has nickel
Plated finish with high corrosion resistance.
The C85 series offers separate sides
[Side adjustment]+ or -]2mm; -0mm/+ 3mm in-and-
Adjustment by Cam output; and [+ or -]3mm up-and-
Downward adjustment with fixed screws in 1 1/4inch and 1 7/8-inch overlays. Phone: (800)664-4872 www. ferrariamerica.
Com 156 Terry\'s mechanism hinge hardware Co. , Ltd.
Will show its five
The knuckle mechanism hinge is made of high quality steel with a radius angle and a radius hospital tip.
\"The hinge has 32mm hole spacing and Teflon coated pins,\" said Elizabeth Wang, a marketing expert at the company . \".
\"They are designed for schools, hospitals and other building applications that require durability and reliability.
Our mechanism hinges are available in multiple colors and are approved at the ANSI/BIFMA level 1. \" Phone: (800)228-3779 www. terryhinge.
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