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by:DIgao     2020-08-14
BeliFurniture is a start-up company that says \"buy furniture\" in Baha SA, Indonesia \"(surprise! )
Focus on selling furniture online nationwide.
Founded in January 2012, BeliFurniture.
Com, which claims to be Indonesia\'s largest distributor of office furniture, has released 5,000 products. Co-
Founder Ronny Hartanto told us by email
Mail: When we started this business, many people were skeptical about sustainability.
However, we are confident that this business will be successful due to the fact that most traditional shops in Indonesia use brochures because there are too many products to be displayed in their stores.
Therefore, online shopping is definitely an easier choice.
Our biggest competitive advantage is to take our wholerange of]
Unlike other offline/online stores, the price of online products only requires a lot of negotiation to reach the selling price.
95% of its products are office furniture. Although the method is B2C, it is natural for 90% of its customers to come from the company.
With about 50,000 unique users, BeliFurniture claims to double its monthly sales and is growing very quickly.
Due to low credit card usage in Indonesia and other payment problems, most of the payment process is still offline.
Looking forward to the vision of leading the Indonesian furniture market,
The mission of the individual team is to help educate people that it is easier, cheaper and safer to buy furniture online.
While startups don\'t necessarily need funding, several venture capital groups have approached it and are willing to accept any financing opportunities to \"supercharge\" its growth.
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