Beijing pilot house property card can only 10 minutes

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
Quietly shaking fingers, on the combination of input device, in turn, pressed the six figures, yesterday morning, we finish the big ye hands in the house property card encryption business with a stand up. Waiting at this time, sitting in haidian district register house hall check properties of several to see aunt ran over to ask: 'what is a house property card encryption? '' do this business take at no cost? '' like a bank card, a combination to house property card, no combination with others too! Don't have to pay for 1 cent! 'The big ye said, room this encryption as bank CARDS. Yesterday is the pilot city house property card lock encryption thousand layer 3 workdays. 9 when 30 points, uncle jose came to the haidian district is located in the northeast of prosperous south road 27 house of room canal bureau registered hall, give themselves in space rent house nearby bridge on a 'lock'. Will not far from the entrance hall, 1 stand of house property card encryption sweet touch. Above writing clearly how to dispose of, encrypted encrypted business combination does not need to check how to use and which registered business combination. Jose big ye see along while, before sign at information desk to take at the centre of the hall. Multiple Windows in the hall is busy full swing, the many people stuck in front of the window like a bank loading. Thought to wait an hour or two, but I didn't think, just a few minutes to find seat, radio is preliminary prompt jose big ye to the 5th window disposal business. Jose uncle sat in front of the window, the window id and house property card progressive 5, 'bother you help me to dispose of property of encryption. 'Window on the other side of the staff control the documents and uncle jose verification, the relevant information into the computer, the disambiguation of dispute in a flash, uncle will prompt jose input combination. Which number 6 when combination? Uncle mu staring at the combination of a regenerator was hesitant along while, looked around, a preliminary input combination. Lost 2 times confessed after combination, uncle jose Russia but worry im asking staff: 'just now I enter twice a combination of the same? '' this code we can't see, if you don't together twice a combination, the system will automatically prompt you for a moment. 'Staff laughed. Confession twice with combination of input, staff handing out a 'house registration code sets up the application form, uncle jose carefully check the information in the table and sign their names and dates. Check the property information is correct, two ciphers confessed input together, on the application form signed confession, short a few steps back, to house property card encryption to success. Uncle jose calculated, it took just 10 minutes. No longer worry about the room can be use to do the business, jose big ye concern has been a long time of doubt, at disposal. Six months ago, jose big ye see said in the news reports are outlaws pretend to pawn homeowners out 33 sets of the house, uncle jose initial fears that their rent house will also be stand to pawn out? If someone is forgery, pretend to homeowners, cha can tell? Haidian district housing authority specifically as a staff of house property card encryption yuan-yuan liu, will the hall was opened three window disposal of house property card encryption business. On November 1st and 4th in the two working days, now nearly 80 house property card is encrypted, if property information, may soon be over. Together, yuan-yuan liu suggest let's, some property number before without the letter 'X' on the 'old house', may not have information in the system, the need for collection, disposal of encryption time may be longer. The encryption card planning is the disposal of the house since 1983 all man-made natural person in Beijing ( Building) All certificate, the house property right certificate, all the houses of the People's Republic of China warrants, the Beijing real estate licence, house ownership license as well as the People's Republic of China with a total of warrants. Encryption in the future, if the disposal of house registration business, you need to first enter the combination. If the three input errors, combination is concluded. Ciphers broken after, the house right of all people should be disposed of 'combination of loss,' the talent to continue their house registered business.
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