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by:DIgao     2020-08-13
Nowadays, the function of the bathroom is rich, not limited to bathing.
So we need some furniture.
Here is a question: since there is inevitably moisture in the bathroom, how to protect the storage room from moisture?
The choice of materials is often a key and it is difficult to make dry and wet partitions in a small bathroom.
This requires moisture in the material of the bathroom cabinet-proof function.
Moisture-proof here means that the relative humidity actually used is 85%.
Cabinet boards play a big role in bathroom furniture.
To choose a good bathroom furniture, you have to be moisture-proof --
Prove the problem is serious
Solid wood, moisture-proof-
Usually choose waterproof board and density board as the basic material of bathroom cabinet, coated with water
Prove the substance.
Internal moisture-proof may be the experience of most people: the bottom plate of the cabinet under the washing machine will become deformed for a period of time.
Since we ignore the hidden water pipe in the cabinet, the water pipe that condenses along the pipe, we may ignore the drop of water on the substrate and immerse the cabinet in the deformation.
Some experts pointed out that the interior of the bathroom cabinet should be equipped with a waterproof aluminum substrate, which can not only prevent the water from dripping on the substrate along the water frame, but also eliminate the door closing noise caused by the impact. proof bars.
During the installation process, the bathroom cabinet needs to be drilled for installation, and the condensed water may be immersed in the cabinet through the cutting edge to deform it.
Sealing block glue can be used for moisture-proof.
Choosing good bathroom furniture is only the first step.
The installation process should also be taken seriously.
To be completely waterproof, you \'d better choose a professional brand because water droplets and water vapor are everywhere.
In order to create a satisfied private space, you should try to avoid the damp of bathroom furniture.
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