array by hampton™ connected door lock launched at ace hardware and website

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Hampton array™The ACE Hardware and the connected door lock introduced by ArrayLock.
Hampton Family connects home safety products for the first time in the array to provide fashion, safety and high-end solutions for consumers and the construction industry;
ConnectedCoach and safety lighting FollowBusiness WireFOOTHILL Ranch, California. --
On September 13, 2018, Hampton Products International announced its array by Hampton™Now consumers can buy connecting door locks on many communities across the country, hardware stores and ArrayLock. com website.
Ace Hardware is the largest hardware in the United States. S.
Hardware collaboration, with over 4,000 stores in USAalone.
The press release features multimedia.
See the full version here: Hampton array™The Barrington-style connecting door lock in Tuscany Bronzefinish is now available. . .
Hampton array™The connecting lock, Barrington style Tuscan Bronzefinish, is purchased from ArrayLock from now on. com (
Photo: Commercial wire)
Hampton\'s array of connecting door locks starts with safety.
Hampton has more than 27 years of experience in manufacturing safety hardware and has sold more than 1 unit since 1990.
5 billion door lock and security hardware products.
The array ByHampton is designed by consumers for consumers and is the result of 4 years of innovation in consumer research, product development and mobile applications, battery and solar performance.
\"We put our company name Hampton on this product because the Hampton by Hampton ecosystem represents a new standard for connecting home security locks, cameras, lighting and other devices-High
\"Quality and safety devices are controlled through a mobile app,\" said Kim Kelley, president of Hampton products . \".
\"We know that safety starts at the front door with quality locks, and the door locks we connect are the flagship products of our new product range.
\"The Hampton array connecting door locks has a range of features that allow us to consume what they want from smart locks: no spare hub or battery topurchase; a single, easy-to-
Create Electronics quickly using the appkeys and e-codes;
Monitoring of door usage;
Attractive design with hidden integrated metal keyboard to enter user code without the need for smart devices or keys; U. S. -
Cloud-based data storage and support;
And the choice of stylish, upscale finishes for their entrance doors.
The door lock is equipped with two custom rechargeable and replaceable polymer batteries, and its integrated solar panel can replenish the battery to charge.
The door lock was designed for homeowners with Wi-
Use Android or Apple smart devices.
Download an array of Hampton apps and view 4-
In the minute teaching video, mothomeowners replacing the existing bolts may find that only a screwdriver is needed for the installation.
Data transfer between Deadbolt, smart device appand cloud is encrypted and there are two
Step Authentication provides security to ensure that the owner has full control over its security. The full-
The Tabletsand smartwatch, a featured array of Hampton\'s Android and iOS mobile apps, is a central \"command center\" that allows users to remotely lock and unlock the latch, activate geolocation, check access via e-ScheduleKeys and e-
Code, monitor battery status, control multiple arrays through Hampton locks and access to upcoming products.
Deadboltcan can also be opened with a hidden backlit keyboard and traditional keys.
By pairing the geographic positioning function of the connected door lock with brink\'s push-pull rotary handle and handle (
Also designed and manufactured by Hampton)
User can create
Tap the free way into their home with elbows or hips.
Hampton\'s array also locks doors remotely and communicates status via viaAmazon®Alexa™-
For enabled devices, additional skills will also need to be added.
The Hampton\'s array of interconnected door locks comes in two styles: modern, clear and simple Cooper and traditional, smooth and sophisticated Barrington.
Each style has a popular polished chrome, satin nickel and Tuscan bronze™Finishes that match the light and dark decorations complement the door locks of Brink and hand-held hardware made by Hampton.
Hampton\'s array of connected door locks is the first batch of interoperable home security hardware products planned to be controlled with a single Android or iOS app.
Built-in smart lighting
On the camera and latch, the neighbor ACE hardware retail store will provide this feeling on www, that is, whether the door is locked or not. acehardware. com andwww. ArrayLock. com soon.
ACE Hardware\'s mobiletour shows an array of Hampton\'s interconnected door locks, which started running in August 27 and visited the local community of ACEHardware locations across the United States via spring 2019.
Hampton Products International is a leading innovator in safety and building hardware, lighting and automotive accessories products.
Located in inFoothill Ranch, California, Hampton Products International has been providing customers with superior security hardware Products and services for 25 years, including Brink\'s door hardware, padlock, safety lighting and other electronic Products. Wi-
Fi®Is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance®.
Ace Hardware is a trademark registered by Ace Hardware.
View the source version on business wire.
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