arduino rfid-rc522 - door acces control/ rfid door lock

by:DIgao     2020-05-28
Hello world!
An RFID door lock was made today.
Since I don\'t have an electric lock, the light acts as an electric door lock and you just add the door lock to the relay, not the light.
View the link to the schematic code and part list.
I can\'t find much information about this module, I have RFID-
Blue RC522, so this might be useful for someone who has the same problem as me, because the red pins are different. . .
I only found the wrong schematic. .
This is the correct code and schematic. .
It works fine!
Just connect it like a schematic, upload the code, and it works.
There is a button to clear the database.
It\'s simple, just press and hold the button and reset the arduino.
Keep it for 6 seconds and it clears all the cards added.
After that, you will need to add a new main card and key card.
The video should be explained enough.
You can cancel the comment for this trip below (line 68)
In the code, it will increase the reading distance: mfrc52.
Parts List. Good luck!
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