Analysis of cable tie quality is not stable, easy to fracture

by:DIgao     2020-06-17
The most direct relationship with raw materials performance, do not think that the exquisite bags of grain is pure, is a lot of secondary granulation of modified products, is bound to be after many high temperature shear model, molecular structure of the raw material itself has great change, performance has been much lower, and during the degradation, oxidation and so on. Cable tie will ensure its flexibility, nylon have % during water imbibition, usually when the molecular structure is damaged, then how to cooking, other water means to no avail, it determines its brittleness, brittle, of course. Moreover, the injection molding process of cable tie relationship is also very important, good for molding convenience simple operation, by increasing the cylinder temperature, speed up the shot rubber injection time, and so on, also can make the cable tie ontology appear quality problem, the details can dissect tie magnification, some internal fill empty of discontent, and so on. Nylon material itself has many classes in the department of, choose the appropriate flexible system, such as single used; Injection molding process must strictly limit optimization; To avoid the excessive processing of raw material damage. Major general is from cable tie on raw materials and injection molding process of meticulous and targeted improvements.
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