Ambry shake handshandle with postmodern TV ark is what?

by:DIgao     2020-07-26
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postmodern TV ark cabinet shake handshandle collocation is essential in postmodern household decorates a postmodern, sitting room furniture is a post-modern style, for the living room sofa is positive, put a TV or a kind of postmodern furniture.

post-modern style is pure rationalism tendency of modern style of criticism, post-modern style emphasizes building and indoor decoration should have the continuity of history, but not the logic of traditional ways of thinking, to explore innovative modeling technique, pay attention to the milk of human kindness, often in the indoor setting pillar of exaggeration, deformation and fracture of the arch, or abstract form of the classical components together with the new technique, namely, the unconventional mix, superposition, dislocation and fission and symbol, metaphor, in order to create a kind of perceptual and rational, integrating traditional and modern, rubbing the mass and expert & other; Also the essential & throughout; Image building and indoor environment. To post-modern style not only to see the visual image to evaluate, we need to analysis through image from the design ideas.
we postmodern TV ark cabinet shake handshandle collocation will be better.
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