Ambry shake handshandle with door lock?

by:DIgao     2020-07-25
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ambry shake handshandle collocation locks as its name implies is used to lock live, in order to prevent others to open the door of the equipment. Locks the classification of the lot, in each situation is different to the requirement of door lock, ordinary families generally have anti-theft door locks, high security and the price is cheaper.

lock as a security guard products must have the security, stability. Security can be measured from two aspects: one is resistant to vandalism, mischief and deliberate pry, drilling and other violent destruction. In this regard, mechanical locks and electronic locks mechanical strength generally can meet the requirements. In all kinds of door lock, rf card electronic door lock is only fully closed structure, its security is the best. 2 it is open, the ability to open the technology of mechanical lock is very poor. No matter the structure of the mechanical lock can be opened by other means. Keys can be copied is great potential safety hazard. In the electronic door lock, the magnetic card with password-less limit, its key card is easy to be copied. IC card and radio frequency card is thoroughly solved the problem of the technology to prevent open.
the shake handshandle collocation is ambry door lock is introduced.
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