Ambry shake handshandle installation method

by:DIgao     2020-07-14
Ambry door knob pitch are generally multiple of 32 mm, common small size 96 mm, a lot of models again big, such as 128 mm and 192 mm.
installation steps:
1, use tape to measure the pitch of the installation of shake handshandle.
2, use shake handshandle under her cupboard door board, in the ( Wardrobe or cupboard) Measurement on cupboard door installation location.
3, choose a suitable size of drill bit, plug-in electric start electric drill, good screw mounting hole with a drill.
4, lateral hand shake handshandle, medial wear the screws from the inside of the cabinet to the outside.
5, screw on the handle mounting holes, to tighten with a screwdriver.
cabinet handle installation position requirements
cabinet now generally there are two, one is hanging cabinets, there is a desk hutch ark. Hanging hutch ark is generally high, shake handshandle should be by the discretion of the hostess to locate, shake handshandle on high demand cannot exceed the hostess hands touch the high at the time of the palm, or 1 - above the cupboard door below - Between the 2 inch. Desk of ark of hutch of shake handshandle should press on the top of the cupboard door, to one 5 part of the door, or the door an inch, under the above big bow can easily facilitate housewife need not open cupboard door.
in addition, the shake handshandle of upside should hold next part in ambry, but on the contrary, the lower the shake handshandle of Angle should be installed in the cabinet. Is to accord with the normative requirement of human body engineering not only, but also for the formal beauty on the vision.

ambry shake handshandle installation location decision factors cupboard door handle installation position to consider two factors, one is how family habits of open the door, thus we need to decide the handle highly specific how much; The second is how to aesthetic requirements, usually desktop kitchen cabinet door handle is installed, you don't have to consider whether or not the location affect beautiful, and ark of hutch of hanging it is necessary to consider the installation location of the beautiful sex.
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