Ambry of shake handshandle is introduced

by:DIgao     2020-07-14

1, ambry shake handshandle style have greatly small square circle, style is also various. He general can be divided into embedded and pull type two kinds, the owner can according to oneself the home use habits and requirements to choose style. Embedded shake handshandle is suitable for families with children, because it has no prominent edges and children would not be hit by mistake. Pull outside door handle, easy to use but relatively shelter evil people and practices more easily. So lazy people try to avoid.

2, ambry the location of the shake handshandle installs also is to have cultured. As a group of large closet, the shake handshandle of upside should hold next part in the cabinet door, lower shake handshandle should be installed in the cabinet door on horn. This is to accord with the normative requirement of human body engineering not only, but also to the formal beauty on the vision. The installation of shake handshandle of the furniture in the market now basic can meet the requirements, but often can see in the bedroom of people those spots are made cabinet didn't shake handshandle are installed on, very not good-looking.

3, ambry of shake handshandle pull. General door shake handshandle should be able to bear more than 6 kg pulling force. Because the door handle material quality, diverse styles, the price also is uneven and has a domestic and imported. Domestic door handle in 5 - price 30 yuan. If you want to own door handle to custom size, cost are higher.
4, choose micromorphological single head or organic glass ball type ceramic handle, its color or material should be similar to cabinet put oneself in another's position. You will find that found the shake handshandle that has as same as cabinet put oneself in another's position model or curve, can make ambry relationship and shake handshandle appears particularly harmonious.

5, stainless steel and aluminum alloy material of door handle well with the modern style of cabinet. After processing of stainless steel handle, its corrosion resistance and scratch resistance is very good, very modern wind. Chromium, zinc alloy door handle, the surface bright and beautiful fashion.
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