Ambry can shake handshandle pull nail?

by:DIgao     2020-07-22
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cabinet handle whether can pull nail nails and core pulling rivets core-pulling rivet ( ) Is a kind of single riveting, but must use a special tool & ndash; — Nail gun ( Manual, electric, steam) Riveting. This type of rivet using common rivets (especially suitable for the inconvenience Must from riveted on both sides) Riveting occasions, it is widely used in building, automobile, ships, aircraft, machines, electrical appliances, furniture and other products. With open mouth the most widely oval head core-pulling rivet, countersunk head core-pulling rivet riveting occasions suitable for performance needs to be smooth, enclosed core-pulling rivet is suitable for the requirements with high load and has a certain seal performance of riveting.

rivet we ambry not shake handshandle installs is too big.
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