Ambry can handle in a control box?

by:DIgao     2020-07-28
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ambry can handle in a control box?
control box for factories and mines, enterprises, shopping malls, hotel, hospital, schools, airports, ports, high-rise buildings, living community and so on occasion, ac 50 hz, rated voltage of ac 380 v low voltage power grid system, as power, lighting power distribution and motor control, suitable for indoor wall-mounted power distribution equipment, outdoor floor installation.

add some pure aluminum aluminum alloy is made of alloy elements, such as aluminium & ndash; Copper alloy, aluminum & ndash; Zinc & ndash; Magnesium & ndash; Copper is a superhard aluminium alloy. Aluminum alloy with light weight, low cost, mechanical, By the strength of uniform) The characteristics of.
so cupboard handles can be installed in the control box.
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