amber macarthur gives p.e.i. historic home a high-tech makeover

by:DIgao     2020-06-27
Tech guru Amber MacArthur wants to combine the best of both worlds with a new home renovation project in her hometown of Charlottetown. The 140-year-
MacArthur\'s P. E. I.
Root, but will also integrate the latest results of smart home technology to restore the traditional family \"passion\" project for the winners \"I have been away for many years, I really want to have a piece of Prince Edward Island I can come back, macArthur said. \"We have a 10-year-
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Cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital marketing, and Internet security.
She was also a popular presenter and published two of the best articlesselling books.
She will share her home renovation experience with her two million fans on social media.
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\"The old house, a home with a long history, and bring it to the future,\" MacArthur said.
\"Using all the latest smart home technology, keep this historic space intact while keeping it in this beautiful historic home.
\"She even prepared a label for the project: mactothefuture.
Structural challenge MacArthur acknowledges that it is challenging to add intelligent technology to historic homes compared to new buildings.
\"There are a lot of places in the House that are not conducive to the new technologies we are planning to introduce,\" MacArthur said . \". \"For starters . . .
Many of the floors don\'t even have them so how do you keep this state if you want to do heated tiles in the kitchen because you know you can\'t really re-
Straighten the floor.
\"They found other challenges along the way.
\"We also have a staircase that leads to the attic, which is almost vertical, and definitely not the code we have to rebuild,\" MacArthur said . \".
\"It\'s just the structure of the house, and in order for some of the new elements that we want to introduce to be able to enter, some parts of the House have to be removed.
\"Smart technology companies have been studying the latest developments in smart home technology to increase the capacity of houses.
\"Starting with the basement where we have all the pipes, we will install a system that allows us to monitor whether the pipes are frozen and if there is any type of leak in the House,\" MacArthur said.
\"This is very important because we are going to spend most of the year in Toronto and we are able to know that the house is OK.
\"They also installed a mesh Wi-
Fi network, which helps to ensure that the wireless signal is strong throughout the home. \"With a 140-year-
Old House, there may be some dead ends when it comes to Wi
\"Network connection,\" said MacArthur.
There will be smart appliances in the kitchen, many of which are controlled by the app.
They are installing a smart door lock with an entrance without a key and she can also send access code to that entrance via the app.
MacArthur is also working on sustainable technology.
For example, it is possible to control the amount of water coming out of the shower.
\"So I think it\'s a high
\"There is a technical perspective, but there is also a green and sustainable perspective,\" MacArthur said . \".
MacArthur said the project has attracted great interest.
\"I think people like these stories about rebuilding their homes, but to add that perspective, we\'re going to add technology to it,\" MacArthur said . \".
MacArthur said that while she will be able to monitor the house with different apps from Toronto on her mobile phone, she will also let her parents stay in Charlottetown and stay in the house.
MacArthur said it would cost more to invest in some smart home technology, but said they wanted to keep the cost of the renovation at $100,000.
\"I think having the latest technology at home is very important to monitor what\'s going on,\" MacArthur said . \".
She hopes the House will be finished this summer, but construction is expected to continue this fall.
It will be rented in the winter, and then MacArthur and her family will live there next summer.
\"I think this House will be an extraordinary house in terms of smart home functionality,\" MacArthur said . \".
\"But I also want to be able to show people Prince Edward Island, to show people the beauty of the island, the beauty of Charlottetown, and how you can have a place with great history but also real future trends. \"More P. E. I.
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