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In the past few years, the introduction of technology has developed very fast, and recent improvements have helped to upgrade the next generation of technology.
The progress that we create every day has almost countless possibilities that are specifically designed for school, work, and even personal use.
The two most difficult parts to adapt to the new era of technology are contact and knowledge.
With the development and adaptation of technology, the existence of the surrounding technology will make the transition easier, just like understanding the use of a particular product.
Without proper information, the development of modern computers in the home or workplace can be confusing.
This is the skeleton of the computer.
All the hardware of the computer is installed inside the chassis in some way so that the parts are not damaged and many chassis-specific components can be used.
There are several kinds of personal computer chassis: Micro Tower, Mini Tower, middle tower and full Tower.
The Mini Tower has about 4 expansion slots and, as in all cases, it provides certain connections such: USB, although the number of USB and Fire wire is significantly reduced due to its compact size and a maximum of 2 drive bays, Fire wire and audio access ports.
This square case only has a micro motherboard.
The Mini Tower can provide 7 expansion slots and about 3 bays for the drive, and is compatible with the ATX motherboard and the micro motherboard and is very light in weight, which can be useful to be shipped if possible.
Up to 7 expansion slots, a micro motherboard and a regular ATX board can be installed in this box.
The mid tower chassis offers more external features than most, including USB and FireWire ports, as well as up to 7 expansion slots and 3-
5 brackets for the drive.
Some of the boxes in the middle tower are used to play games and are shipped with a built-in handle.
The full tower can provide up to 7 expansion slots, but due to its significant increase in size, the tower can generally support 12 bays for CD/DVD/Bluray drives and 9 bays for hard drives.
There are different numbers of external functions in all cases, and the true value of each function is determined based on the required power and the location of the computer.
The motherboard, sometimes called the motherboard, is essentially the nervous system of the computer\'s body because it connects the CPU to everything else.
The motherboard is divided into AMD and Intel.
The war on the processor is still going on, deciding which motherboard to use based on the chosen CPU, as each motherboard is designed specifically for one or another.
Intel and AMD produce two completely different types of pin sets, making it impossible to mix and match.
Extensions on the motherboard should be checked.
The expansion of the graphics card will be either PCI Express or PCI express 2.
Other extensions can be made in the PCI normal slot including the sound card and the additional USB port card.
Attention should also be paid to the type of memory used and the type of processor it allows, and yes, the decision is whether it is Intel or AMD, but it will not stop and there are other types that need to be compatible in order for it to work.
For example, if the socket type is only AM3 and it is trying to use the AM2 type, it will not be compatible.
The brain of a computer is a processor, that is, a CPU (
Central processing unit)
Is an important part of any system.
There are two major companies that produce these processors: Intel and AMD (
Advanced Micro equipment).
Intel processors currently have a single, dual and quad-core processor, which means that one processor can specify each kernel as a task without losing strength.
The gigabit Hertz output of Intel processors is larger than that of AMD, but at the expense of some hyper-
Thread Technology for Techfaq. com (2009)
Report: Super-
Threads enable different parts of the CPU to handle different tasks at the same time.
AMD is slightly short in the Gigabit Hertz area, but it usually uses hyper-
Not only does it have thread processing, it also has single, dual and quad-core processors.
Known for its involvement in work and office, Intel, known for its gaming and high-end multitasking, provides an extra boost for each application.
Although the use of these two processor companies is strictly in line with the purpose of the machine, they are both credible and reliable.
The CPU radiator and CoolerIn must be connected to a radiator for the purpose of the processor in order to prevent overheating and damage of the processor.
The back of the processor is attached to the bottom of the radiator with a thin layer of hot compound in the middle to help absorb and distribute heat.
The radiator is then fixed and plugged into the motherboard for power.
The purpose of this is to provide a strong airflow to prevent the CPU from overheating.
Random Access Memory RAM has also been greatly upgraded throughout the era. computer memory improves processing speed when acting as temporary memory and reduces data exchange to computers.
The form of computer memory is: SDR, DDR, DDR2 and DDR3. which represent the single data rate and the dual data rate.
It is critical to be compatible with the motherboard and have enough memory to support your data needs.
Note: Unless the operating system is 64-bit, the operating system will only use 3 gb of ram even if more is installed.
RAM also helps with video rendering due to swapping.
Every computer on the hard drive needs to store all files and data exchanges regardless of purpose.
The hard drive has a variety of sizes, but usually increases by 20 gigabytes.
All programs, documents, pictures, and even browsing history require a certain amount of hard disk space.
The hard drive is available in all sizes from 20 gb to 1,000 GB (or 1TB)
The size should be determined according to the needs of the computer and the task at hand.
The biggest problem with the hard drive is that there is too little storage space to store data saved by all programs and users.
The graphics card is another important part of the working computer.
Modern motherboard with on-
Board video can provide enough video functionality for normal office use, but higher-end things like video games or video editing require extra cards.
There are two kinds of graphics cards: Radeon and Geforce.
Radeon uses the ATI chipset and Geforce uses the Nvidia chipset.
The decision between the two is primarily personal preference because it is compatible with the motherboard and RAM needs to meet the minimum if the processor is fast enough for the card.
One advantage of the graphics card is that as long as the motherboard supports SLI links, multiple graphics cards can be used at a time, and SLI is an extensible link interface that allows the use of two or more graphics processing units, sometimes there will be three links of the same type in the player\'s tower rig.
Another advantage of the graphics card is the GPU (
Graphics processing unit
It shares the burden on the CPU and helps the computer run more smoothly. Portnoy (2009)
Explain, graphics-
Processing Unit (GPU)
What usually only deals with visual effects is to take over the work from the main chip CPU of the computer.
The sound card provides more sound options and better quality than most motherboards provide by default.
Now, most sound cards enable Dolby Digital surround sound of 5. 1 and 7. 1.
The sound card is comfortably installed in the PCI express x1 expansion slot and installed on its own when the computer is up.
Sometimes, for an audio presentation combined with a power point slide show, the surround sound feature is a huge benefit as it will make sure everyone in the room can hear your presentation.
With the advent of the era of downloadable content and removable storage, the demand for cd and dvd is nearing stagnation, but it is still very much needed.
Home movies can be easily burned to DVD as music MP3 files can be placed on CD without worrying.
The average running speed of CD/DVD recorders is 24 x for DVD recorders and 48 x for CD recorders.
In addition to this type of disk drive, there is Bluray.
After the Battle of Titan between Bluray and HD disk, Bluray ruled supreme ay, followed by a lot of storage on disk and clear HD image quality.
Due to the data sensitivity of the Bluray disk, the average speed of the burner of Bluray is 8 times.
Depending on the number of layers on the bluray disk, the number they can accommodate is 25 GB per layer.
The CD can hold up to 650 MB when the DVD single layer is 4. 7 GB.
The energy that the power supplies to the computer is the PSU or the power unit.
The PSU needs to be large enough to support any additional features, such as lights and displays, provided by your motherboard, RAM, graphics card, CPU, other expansion slots, hard drives, and chassis.
The power supply also has 80 plus Certification, which is very energy efficient while sending out the same power.
In order to select the right power supply for the current setting, the Watts required for all components should be carefully considered.
Too little power on the computer can cause some hardware to not work properly or to not work properly at all.
The power supply will come with wires that connect all components, including the motherboard and the graphics card.
Conclusion it is beneficial to build a custom computer as long as you have enough knowledge.
Seeing a computer as a fully focused work body helps to put things in perspective, because the growing and changing nature of the computer seems to never end.
Everyone has different needs for computers. they decide how to use them;
It is then up to the person to decide the components based on their preferences, compatibility, and the overall goals of the computer.
Achieving the purpose and requirements of the computer chassis and all the hardware inside it is the first step towards advanced technology in the future.
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