adorable moment a toddler believes that the automatic doors opening for people without them touching them are actually magic

by:DIgao     2020-05-30
It was a lovely moment when a toddler stood in front of the automatic door believing he was witnessing the magic.
When the shocked boy looked at people coming in and out of the door opened for passers-by, he could not understand how they moved and no one around pushed them.
The boy, wearing a gray-green coat and dark-green trousers, waved at the door that was automatically opened --
He had no choice but to realize that the door was enchanted.
This is not the first time a child has been confused by magic.
In Canada, a lovely baby was confused after watching his first magic.
The sweet Lincoln wing looked intently at his uncle Ethan, who put a red handkerchief in his closed fist. As the 16-year-
The old man opened his hand, 14-month-
When old Lincoln realized it was empty, he gave a breather.
On January, at an airport in an unknown location, a toddler thought he was using \"force\" to open the automatic door himself.
His father, presumably a Star Wars fan, uploaded the video to YouTube with his username Darth Resona and immediately compared it with force
Jades uses power in the famous film series.
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